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33 minutes ago, Timbo Slice said:

You're going to love it. Nice grab. R-Design, V8, black, rust free...what more could you ask for?

It took some convincing (even though it was a simple trade) since my wife wasn't interested in changing cars. But she admitted last week that she loves it and enjoys driving it. She missed her 05 and this is a nice step up.

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2 hours ago, Timbo Slice said:

I can't believe it took me 7 years to get back into an SUV. I love everything about it, though I wish there were options to manual swap it as I'd be buying parts right this instant.

Some had the M66 in Europe but I don't think any of the V8 versions offered a manual gearbox. And with the engine sitting the way it sits, it's not as simple as using a T5 mated to an adapter. 

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14 hours ago, Yellow95 said:

Until that sparkplug breaks off in the motor.


6 hours ago, phunktified said:

already changed all the plugs, no problem there ... 

It wasn't those years that had break off problems anyway, that wasn't until 04+

no, these were the much better mod engines, that instead had the "ejecto plug" option lol. My dads 03 explorer 4.6 shot two clean out of the head. 

Its a much more exciting option in my opinion lol.

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I'm a tech at BMW Kingston Trent.


Gonna post this because I love the way the Titansilber looks in this light. And it was clean for once



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