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You know, I did ask for 20% and now that you mention that, it does look a lot more like 19%.


But, thank you. Garage worked out pretty well. Took way longer to build than I ever thought it would have, but it was worth it.

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Finally got around to polishing out the mini van. It came out a lot better than I thought it would. Bonus is we used my buddy's employer's land which was an old Army Weapons Depot that was shut down some time ago after the end of the Cold War. It was full of old bunkers and everything. 



I really need to polish out and clear my headlights now. Last little bit to get this vehicle where I want it.

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7 minutes ago, tuner4life said:

I need info on those headlights asap! kthx.

Looks great!

Not the easiest retrofit due to size, but here:

Factory Volvo blue box 03/04 C70 jewel headlights, Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 bi-xenon projectors, Panamera shrouds, Osram 66240 D2S bulbs, all powered by JY Mitsubishi W3T19371 ballasts from an Acura TL and wired utilizing the factory jewel high beams (yes, quad high beams). Custom caps were necessary due to the length of the projector, especially with the bulb igniters. All worth it for the amount of light they put out.

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