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Finally got the dual exhaust done.

News today: My twin exaust in place and after listen someone of you, I modified rear spoiler .

Swapped my mom cars for the day. Picked up a set of Neptunes in Alabama. The father and son both drove red on black 855R's.

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On 5/30/2019 at 6:03 PM, Brad850 said:

Jared took that pic during the earthquake of 2011


Actually I think my house was renovated in the mid-80s by someone who had absolutely zero perception of right angles.  But I wish that was my biggest problem with the driveway; its proximity to neighbor's dead trees and the fact that it is occasionally below sea level are much larger problems.  We've been shopping for a new one for a while, but finding an acceptable driveway in our price range that also comes with an acceptable house and preferably a garage has proven to be quite a challenge when working with a real estate market where a huge portion of the housing was built before garages were really a thing.

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1 hour ago, RBoy8 said:

hey guys I lowered my car :a-farmboy:


That’s my new screensaver at work. 😉

14 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

OH LAWD! monkey man. Let me get some of that. I want more videos. I want kill videos in mexico.

Hahaha, what a hoot this car is, good grief!

I’ve had some runs, all successful so far 😂

Last weekend I checked a big box: CTS-V wagon, 6 speed. He jumped (no honk, no count, he just went WOT), I grabbed 2nd from 35-ish and grabbed on to his pull about 1-2 cars back. I was even at top of 3rd gear, and 4th gear put him in my mirror before Mexico speeds got too high. Very cool guy, we stopped and talked. He was stock, but very rare 6 speed manual. He was complementary of the Saff, prompting me to ask him if he would consider trading, 😂... I would do that trade, just to be clear. Sorry Volvo 🤫

(Sorry I didn’t film this, was a random encounter, which makes it kind of amazing.

4 hours ago, bmdubya1198 said:

That acceleration looks brutal! Damn, I need to fix my R.

Thanks! It puts you back, fir sure.


Fix your damn R! 🤣

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20 hours ago, B_Dub said:

Fix your damn R! 🤣

Hahaha dude this is killing me. I've got these CEL and ETS light signal too low codes and the boost is still acting weird. Sometimes it'll pull super hard in second (well,12 PSI feels fast compared to driving it at 10ish when it feels like holding boost) and other times it'll peak at maybe 7 and basically give me the finger. Don't know if it's a boost leak or what.

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