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3 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

Nice! Its sitting well! What tires/size did you end up with?

Front end re-painted or is it just lighting? I like the wiper delete

215/40/18. Rolled fenders. 15/5 spacers rear and front. 

Front has been repainted. Rear need cut and polish. Haven't touched paint in 2 years and it has oxidized into a lighter shade. 

I've never liked the headlight Wipers on 850s. 

Worked on the wife's car yesterday. 

Wash, clay bar, meg#7, menzerna pf106, and some basic meguiars carnauba I had laying around. 

Also fixed the rear center console booster seat, installed third row seat, replaced sagging sun visors, and did oil change with Castrol edge. 

Decided to try the propus from the sedan on the wagon. It looks good but I think I prefer the volans. It's an aggressive look though. Would look great if it was lowered. 


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Finally got the dual exhaust done.

News today: My twin exaust in place and after listen someone of you, I modified rear spoiler .

Swapped my mom cars for the day. Picked up a set of Neptunes in Alabama. The father and son both drove red on black 855R's.

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IMG_20201013_181729.thumb.jpg.5f60200d1f252a03b99c25eae599c5c8.jpgthe monkey up lol big job ahead didn't know about the vin coding before I bought the 2.4 and converted it from auto n/a 2.4 to T5 m66 manual lol any one know how to cheat around the imobiliser not letting it have ignition power ,injector pulse or coil power ide love to find an easier way than what's ahead of me, it's got ya technics coilovers 18" ford focus rims modified exhaust manifold for external wastegate and gt3586r turbo big front mount lol but the bastard won't startIMG_20201013_181739.thumb.jpg.48d336695607e2a644ef9b1bcd7b4f2f.jpg

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On 11/12/2020 at 11:58 AM, ryan850-t5 said:


I recognize that car.  How is my old silver doing?

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First wash for the dailys since probably November. 60* and sunny in ohio today.



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Some pics from the 944 Barn Tail of the Dragon Run

Paragon front coil-overs with 425lb Hyperco springs
30mm Sway Away rear torsion bars (re-indexed 2 splines)
Koni yellows 
Turbo sway bars
KLA front strut brace

HRE 535 
225/50-16 Falken RT615K+
Cup 1 Rep's
225/45-17 / 255/40-17 Falken RT615K+

1/8" toe out

1/16" toe in

Stainless lines
Serbo blanks
Hawk HP Plus pads
ATE Type 200/Amber


Drive train:
Only944 shift lever
Only944 short shift kit




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