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On 5/12/2022 at 6:18 AM, gmsgltr said:

Did some things recently:

JRZ suspension - Took the R manifold off and put on a ported Japanifold - took the 20t off and cleaned up some shitty threads - Got rid of the BOV and cold side pipin did Forge Wastegate and Forge CBV - Replaced everything possible in rear suspension (not fun lol) - 17" pegs powdercoated with 215 45 continental extreme contact sports 5mm spacer in front 20mm in rear - had a real alignment from a local shop that actually tracks cars instead of a 'tuner shop' lol - had a custom center midship brace made to clear a full 3" dual exhaust that is purchased/designed just not welded yet. 

I am VERY happy with how the suspension sits/rides/quality. I think new, sticky tires with more sidewall helps too. I miss the eye pop of 18's and now think I will get 18" pegs to have too.

Got a bunch of parts at a local shop for paint (including my rear spoiler for you haters) and got a carbon fiber rear spoiler so that I can now find carbon fiber mirror covers and front lip!

coming up on 112k! Drove it 300 miles in a year - going to change that as this is my only car for now!

r2022 two.jpg


JRZ is bae, P80s ride so perfect with them.

Looks amazing dude, sucks I wont be able to see you east coast guys anymore

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3 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

i wouldnt be trading those. buy yeah. damn. the 17" pegs are nice but not flashy enough. and the oz's im just done with.

I am starting to get bored of the Nebulas, but don't know what to replace them with.

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Drove the 944 20+ hours and 1500 miles to 944 Fest. Also did 5 30 minute sessions. 
Such a shit road trip car no ac, power-steering or radio. 

Now have a set of HRE's and Forgeline's for the car. 
HRE's have RT615K+ tires
Forgeline's have RE71R tires
Both sets are 225/50-16 square. 

Still sort of clean before the track day. 

Dirty after driving through some storms. 

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