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Was behind a black S60 AWD today, custom exhaust/tints. Wondering if they are on here. Weymouth/Norwell/Hanover MA area


Is it weird that I'm from New York and I know EXACTLY where this picture was taken?

Southbound Rt.18 In E. Weymouth at Winter St.?

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Mamasquan, NJ this past Sunday parked on Main Street. I had time so shot some pics. Looks to be a newer model C70 because of the center speaker on the dash:




Friends were in my car, annoyed because they were hungover and just wanted coffee.

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last week between 5 and 6 pm...

spotted black 854r on route 100 in west chester pa heading south, then you stopped at the greenhill wawa for gas and i couldnt get over to say hi!

volans, tint, black ebay projectors...

didnt even notice my bright red r wagon :(

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Spotted a black V70R literally 5 minutes ago on RT.6 in CT. I saw you at the end of the highway sitting at the light, then followed you to the next light. Sorry I got a little close at the light I wanted to snap a pic. haha

Some kind of aftermarket 16" wheels and looks like an exhaust......


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