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It sounds like you're doing it wrong ;)


I stay left because I am going faster than everyone else...lol. They should really make an express lane on the parkways.

My steady pace, like 15-20 over the limit...not flying, and certainly not driving recklessly. I can't stand the kids in the cars that their parents bought them racing and weaving through traffic like they're in the Monaco GP.

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Paging Rboy8


Michael's not a 50 year old Caucasian male. :lol:

He's a cockyasian male, just not 50...

:lol: :lol: you guys

There is a yellow in Mississauga/Streetsville. Don't know who it is though.

I've seen that one a few times before too, also driven by an older caucasian. I also saw him and his son drive out of from Volvo of Mississauga a couple of times too. Never did get to speak with them though.

I would love to run into one of these random Yellows and leave a note asking if they want to sell. I wouldn't mind another yellow!

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Yesterday driving to my game south on Stearns Rd. at the intersection of I-480, saw a 780 turbo wagon, two tone (black upper, red lower), turbo wheels painted black, dark dark tints, and some kind of exhaust. I rolled my window down to see if he would too but I don't think he could see me as I was right next to him. He definitely saw me once we pulled away and I went up to 4K loaded ;)

I'd put my money on him belonging to turbobricks, I could just tell by the botch job.

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