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On the 20th of this month I plan to change the domain and software of S40concepts.net to http://30forty50.com. Everything should go pretty smooth as we have tested the conversion already. With that said expect some outages. :lol:

We are also playing with the idea of having the Volvospeed login work on the site for those who may want to cross post.

Proof of concept.

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It can, but my thought was no so you can have unique sig on each.

Hm, a trade off. Well let me be the first on VS (of surely many) to request a situation in which cake can be had AND eaten.

recode some shit to handle site-specific sigs for each account.

Now when you're done complaining about how much time that will take away from strip club time, I can do it for you at a four figure hourly rate :P

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