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To have a post appear in this forum as well as several other websites there are three options.

1. All posts made here: will be imported in about an hour. No fees for the first 5000 dollars of items sold.
2. If you are a supporting member you can use the Classifieds system at the top of the page and it will auto import here.
3. In any ebay auction include the word vs304050 in the title. Posts will be imported in a few minutes.
4. If you are a company sign up for a vendor account and you will have the abality to start posts here.

The exception to the above rules are group buys which will be pinned here as long as the group buy is active. Group buys can only be started by vendors or a supporting member if the company is not active on the site. Vendors have the abality to post directly to this forum. PM a moderator to find out how to have your topic posted and pinned if you are not a vendor.

Important: Posts must include an accurate description and price in the title or your post will be deleted.

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If you have a problem with the price that someone is asking for a part, you should send them a PM or contact a moderator. DO NOT post negative comments in their thread that "you can get this part for xxx less dollars from yyy vendor." Otherwise you will be suspended.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.