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5 hours ago, andyb5 said:

Time to install the Porsche BBK from my old wagon:

Stoptech slotted 330mmx32mm rotors from Zeckhausen Racing:



I have a set of those rotors up front, they’re great. You’ll be stoked to have your bbk back on there, and I’ll bet you’ve missed them from your old car. It’s one of the better mods I’ve ever done on my car, but need to do the rears now after being spoiled.


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Picked up this S60 last week for $235. It's a 2.4t. Just got it running yesterday with a junkyard 16t (the 13t the guy included from his S70 didn't fit due to the coolant lines... he removed the original turbo to troubleshoot the other car since this one was just sitting). Currently I'm working on figuring out a transmission issue... which I actually think may be the passenger side axle not fully seated. The PO told me the transmission just stopped working while he was driving with no warnings whatsoever.



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