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gotcha. makes much more sense now. I would trust whatever Lucky says to do.

It's cool maybe he can tune down sarcasm too ^_^

Lucky & I talk about what I want out of it & how I plan on doing it, Then lucky uses his computer witchcraft which I don't know. We air five like an anchorman scene and I plug a new computer in my car. Seeing as we have done this between ever to every other year now since owning the car I can honestly say I have never been disappointed.

In terms of the greens just like I said... if anything else get's done to the car, I will need them. Safety factor because I get impulsive some times on car parts

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new large mousepad to replace my old large mousepad (444mm x 355mm)

now that i'm not in an apartment, i've decided to hook up my pioneer stuffs... doing it this way to have the separate device for music only (e.g. games stay on desktop speakers)


optical audio cable


digital to analog converter


long rca cables

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Just buy the entire harness. It took me less than 5 minutes to install the kit for Kevin.


Antenna down switch for the 850 showed up, going to grab a harness from tasca I think rather than bother wiring it in .. nice to know the antenna annoyance will be taken care of when she's back on the road ..

Goodies for the S60 :D







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I like where that is going. :)

For me, just an engine, rods, pistons, headgasket, misc gaskets and seals.

Bringing it home tomorrow via a couple friends with a truck and engine hoist :lol: then the tear down starts, anyone need a low mileage 16t? ;) I dont. 18's going on the wifes engine once my engine comes out in a few months. still not sure what turbo I want.


Probably strip it this weekend and put the intake and coil packs in storage for when the wifes go bad.

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Rob, I'm looking for an angled flange 16T. I'll send you a PM.

Not today but a few days ago I needed to replace this:


and did this while I was in there...


Coolant temp sensor fixed intermittent hard starting and occasionally a no start condition.

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