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Any more details on that, Brandon? My brother really wants an S60R and is most likely going to scoop one up sometime in the near future. What are prices like in the States for something like that? I think most important things would be well maintained, manual (but auto is okay), and 05+ (but will consider a nice 04). I think he would also consider a V70R too, but would prefer an S.

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I'm not Brandon, but I think I can give some insight on P2Rs. Prices are really all over the place for R's. For a well maintained S60R with a clean title, decent maintainence history with about 80k miles, you can expect to pay between 12-15k, depending on options. V70Rs are more expensive, but I won't delve into that since your bro doesnt want one. What I've found while searching for R's is that theyre either well maintained and expensive, or cheap and beat to hell. I don't know how you feel about rebuilt vehicles, but my V70R is an R title. I paid $9850 for it ('07 VR, auto, 65k miles). The only damage done to it was both headlights, front bumper, passenger side fender, and hood was slightly bent. Not a hard impact at all. R headlights are $$$ enough to total a car, so if I was your brother, I would consider a r title, since theyre actually sanely priced. I bought my VR from the same guy I got the flash green s60r I had least year, he rebuilds volvos as a side business. I can give you his contact info if you'd like.

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