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don't go ghetto, you can make headset removal/install tools from a trip to home depot

Is that supposed to be ironic?

This will probably involve a trip or two to HD. I'm leaning towards a washer stack on each side, maybe with a piece of wood between the washer and the face. I'll probably still eyeball it with a 2x4 though, but I have a feeling it won't be that easy.

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No not at all, the ghetto route is when people use screw drivers and a hammer to pound out a headset and in the process gouge the shit out of the head tube. Then use a hammer to install the new one only to realize its totally botched and bring it to a bike shop to install a new one, again

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Curious does your work fly you business class for travel?

Not at my level, the VP's get it for international flights.

I'm platinum on United/Star Alliance, so at least I get economy plus, group 1 boarding, free bags, international lounge access and first class domestic upgrades for free quite often.

I have accumulated 290,000 frequent flyer miles in 18 months though, a good perk of the job :).

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Are you absolutely certain they're not replicas? I almost bought a set for cheap from a guy on SS who claimed they were the real deal until it turned out they weren't 3 piece wheels.

I can't still believe what I deal I got on these :) . Just got them today, very light wheels.


True split rims


After a quick wash with some wheel cleaner, with take them apart and give them a proper wash and polish.


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