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You love your Stihl. (So do I..)

I should send you a pic of our Stihl wall.. Most of our small stuff is Stihl...backpacks blowers and sprayers, all the "pole" tools, cut-offs, chainsaws..

Wife's family owns the local Stihl and John Deere Dealership. :mellow:

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Buy some Tesla stock already Mike!

It is not a good entry point investment anymore. For long term holdings but not much on roi on gain.

Bio tech been taking a beating recently but it will bounce back up soon.

If I have more money, energy sector for oil company is safe bet on income revenue.

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Ah, it all comes together now!

Good thing they don't own the local Echo and Homelite dealership.

Her grandfather started the store selling John Deere farm equipment and his brother also started a store 15miles south selling Cub Cadet/Kubota equipment. Now they both are Stihl distributors. The shitty thing is, the entire family hate eachother so no chance for discount from her uncle who now owns and runs the JD store. He especially hated my FIL. My FIL got me on the Stihl equipment and I actually buy all mine from another distributor near where I work. I get a better deal from him then I do from family..... true story

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The one you're looking for is RR. RYCEY and RYCEF are both OTC Market stocks.

And Mike, I would rank taking stock advice off of VS right up there with the financial stock forums on places like Yahoo and Google Finance.

You're about a month late to the game for investing in RR but now would be better than next month if they're continuing on the right track.

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