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$$$ on watch service, and new mainspring on my 70 year old Orator. Guy ticks stronger than any of my other mechanical watches lol.


Picked up two Tag Heuer as well, mint conditions. LOve collecting these :).



This is about a month old but also picked me up a mild modded '00 manually swapped Glt, just threw ipd sways, has orange konis and ipd blues. Going to make this a quick one.


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Not necessarily a latest purchase, but I pumped petrol for my dad and was reminded how much cheaper it was to fill up in NY/PA than it is here.

I can get a full tank of 93 down there for basically less than the cost of a full tank of 87 here! <_<

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You guys need to just move to Miami already Michael. .. my street is very canAsian frendly, three families have joined our neighborhood in the last year.

Oh and the neighborhood is yellow friendly too.

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You go on and on about how shitty Miami is and how you wish you lived in NY still, yet tell people to move there? :P

And btw, would you answer my damn text already? Holy shit man.

Miami sucks balls, the traffic blows, people cant drive, but I am south of the city the pinecrest / Palmetto Bay area is actually very nice with the best schools in the county. Besides almost everyone on my block is fairly chill, we have block parties and such. The only ones that nobody likes it the turd next door who doesn cut his trees and everytime someone farts his trees hit the power lines and knock out the power.

But now that Matt (icerockt) is Moving I need more Volvo people down here.

The orlando crew is worthless with the exception of Alan (tech) and Phil (inkedphil), but 7 hour round trip is kinda rough just to hang out.

oh and what text and when?

Any place that's CanAsian and Yellow friendly, warm all year round for the most part, and has decent petrol prices is good in my books! :lol:

The one grandmother in the family that just moved on the block like the yellow, everytime she walks by she stops and stares at it... when i catch her she smiles and gives me the thumbs up LOL

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