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Everyone says these are decent.. and I realized the other day I had no way to jack up my car..

Gotta love those HF coupons


Utter Junk.

Unless you get the largest one all the smaller ones just end up bending a breaking .

01-04 Driver Side axle for the XC since the other one broke while I was removing it.

Bought some air conditioning stuff, the guy at the shop said me "maybe you need a van to get it".... Uhmm don't worry :D


Not to shabby, never worked with those before but used to sell the Daikin and Fujitsu stuff .

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Mileage is high. 230k. Seller was not lying when he said everything looks like 30k miles. It is unreal how cherry this thing is.

Was already appraised 1k miles ago. Appraised for 10.5k. I'm going to use that for insurance.

man that's a lot for a car painted yellow


Pay to play. I did the math before bidding. Doesn't matter the color... I would end up spending that much to get my 855R in the same condition. I could have found one for half the price, but again - to get it in this condition, I would be sending 6k easy.

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Don't waste your time justifying yourself to Kevin. He's not in a position to lecture anyone about spending too much on cars.

Congrats on picking it up Bob, that's a very cool car. Post pics when you can.

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HP refurb ... Needed something with a big ol high res screen and working battery to remote to my work machine from around the house/property... been using pieced together old work laptops for too long .. hopefully I dont toss this right out the window cuz of windows 8 ..

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