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No pics but its all stuff everyone has seen before

new Heater Core, both windshield wipers, intake gasket to check and see whats up with my PCV

blanking plate, BOV, going to put in the innovative WB but not wire it in yet (still gotta weld in a bung), replace my EST shield with an IPD 1

and I'm sure some other unnecessary things since I always get way to involved

busy day tomorrow :D

I'm so excited i can't even sleep. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Might just pull the front seats and really give the car a good cleaning :D

I'll snap some pics along the way because I'm sure my heater core should be quite disgusting judging by the amount of crap I have to wipe off my window everyday LOL I literally can only see through the drivers half of the windshield because thats all I care to wipe :rolleyes:

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i believe im in denial of needing to replace mine too <_<, 180 is alot right now

Oh damn, that's alot more than the one for mine...well, not alot but yeah.....mine was 167 shipped from FCP, I probably could've saved a few bucks through Waltrip but:

1. When I need a part I like it to be available for ordering ASAP because I'm impatient.

2. I can't order online without talking to someone and online purchasing is a hell of alot more convenient.

Oh well, either way, Bosch unit FTW. :lol:

Maybe you should give Waltrip a call and see if they can save you a few bucks on a new one....

On a side note: I hear alot of bad things about FCP but I've bought several things from them, biggest were a new, OEM A/C compressor for 340 shipped (sale price..damn good, no core charge), genuine blower assembly and resistor, a few OEM mounts and probably a few other things. No matter what the shipping service I always receive them in 2 days and have nothing but good to say about them. Sure they sell cheap aftermarket stuff but it's the owner's fault for buying that crap in the first place, right? That's my opinion anyways....some stuff you can cheap out on with no problems and others have a general OEM rule of thumb ya know?

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Picked up an open box Sony Alpha 200 from Best Buy yesterday for $341.99 plus tax. Camera is still in great condition and everything is in tact. I have 14 days to return it too lol. I dunno if I should keep it or not though. I really like the interface and how it feels in my hands but did I get a good deal on it even if it is open box?



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