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Only if the parts have the Tesla Emblem.

If you could somehow make it into a Tesla that would be great. I love driving them. So quick, but so silent.

I'll get some Sidemarkers and a nosecone to zip tie to my grille.

But yeah, they're lots of fun, a great company to work for too.

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If you could somehow get the center display in the car that would be great.

I forgot you worked for them.

I love driving the boss' P85+. I am finally figuring out the whole display screen now too. One thing I have noticed that is kinda crappy is the charging port cover. The magnet that is suppose to hold it shut seems to be pretty problematic. Well at least the adhesive they use to hold the magnet to the door. He has had it fixed 3 times already and its broken again.

Back on topic.

My latest purchase:


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