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Yeah, we have the Revolution SE. Expensive, but awesome.

I was going to go that route but the Flex has an adjustable handle bar which is good for me 6 foot + and my wife 5"9.

I was able to get Toys R Us to price match Amazon and then take an additional 25% off because we traded in a rocker.. it was a steal at $430

Wife is happy, so I guess I am.

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Bought a genuine volvo set of Odysseus rims. I have bought them for my dad's Xc70 but hey I think they would look pretty nice on my 850 too :D

Yes they need to be restored ;)

Nice! How much did you get them for?

I think they look great on 850s.

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Any reason you went with E46 seats over Vaders?

Yes and it involves a long ordeal.

In a nutshell,

A: black Vaders are $900-1200+ a pair.

B: I've been out bid a couple of times on one single grey one.

C: I paid $500 for the pair of e46 seats and can sell my passenger Vader for that much ( it is in excellent condition and they are reversible so people will buy a passenger only)

D: I want a (mostly) black interior

E: E46 seats are more comfortable than Vaders (Vaders are more Mystique and legend than awesome seats, They look cool but are not all that comfortable)

F: E46 seats sit 1.25" lower so now my head won't hit the ceiling with a helmet on (I am 6'3")

So in the end, aside from gas money they will be essentially free.

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