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Traded the FoST in after going to 3 dealers who refused to acknowledge the car had an idle/stalling issue. Bought a 2015 Camry SE. Now on the lookout for a nb miata to replace the fun category.


Megan and I just had one of these as a rental all week while she was here. I actually really enjoyed it, between the Bluetooth, comfort, and overall just nice ride. It was a good change from the R for a while.

She has a 2010 Camry and really liked the new model. They did a great job of keeping up with modern tech in this one.

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Greg, 4 months, 5200 miles. After more than 5 trips to 3 different dealers I gave up. No one was even willing to put my complaints in writing. There's a TSB for the stalling issue. But the car has to set a code before Ford will warranty the work. For whatever reason my car never set the required code. I lost ~$5,000. In the end I'm still happy to just get rid of the headache. There were more issues then just the stalling. 

@QuickSilver. Yeah the 2015 exterior restyle isn't great, but the interior was improved enough. Plus it's a Camry I care more about the inside being comfortable than the exterior being cool. The 2015's were only $3,000 more than the 2014's, and the 2014's had 0%. BRZ no worky, I need a place for a baby seat. 

It's the lack of dealer service that killed the FoST to me. It was enjoyable when it worked properly, but as soon as you used the A/C the idle would fluctuate from 200 rpm to 1200 and it would stall at least once per day. I didn't expect a perfect car from the factory but I did expect a dealer to back me on getting it fixed. I decided to get rid of it before I had even more issues. I've dealt with the local Toyota dealers and they are leaps and bounds above the Ford dealers. Carmax was a pleasant surprise as well. They made a much better offer on the FoST then anyone else, and their price on the Camry was lower than anyone else's advertised price. The Camry is an appliance, I'll buy a cheap fun car down the road.

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I'm sorry, but that front end is hideous.


Why not a BRZ?

new Camry threw me off, I was trying to figure out what it was when I saw one a few weeks ago


BRZ probably isn't practical for what he wants, they also ride like dog shit too so there's that

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