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A lot of people cringe at the thought of marinading steak as that's "just not right", but if you do it correctly they're awesome. Fish is great as well but you have to be careful as the meat can tear apart if the turbulence in the kettle is too strong. Larger pots are better for fish as it keeps that turbulence down.

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Wth is that

Its a water circulator/heater you can put in a pot that will allow you to do "sous vide" style cooking.  Sous vide is cooking is a water bath (food in sealed plastic) that allows you to control the temperature and time within just a degree or two around food that can then cook incredibly evenly and to a specific temperature throughout.  

Not sure why the Iphone is needed but whatever.

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Mike, best technique I've found is cook to 5deg below your desired temp and then grille or sear it on both sides for about 10 seconds per side. Perfection.

Do you guys have a knitting forum you could visit ? 

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