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3 minutes ago, Brad850 said:

It takes like a day of research to know enough to build a decent computer. Maybe a little more if you aren't an idiot like me and want to spend less than I did. 

This computer is so fucking fast. And VS is still so fucking slow!!!

Yea but try high-speed scrubbing on pornhub.... you’re welcome

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1 hour ago, Brad850 said:

I already won that twice today. And why not Canada??

Because you can legally behead hookers in Mexico and get UC stem cell smoothies on every corner, plus the blow is waaaayyy better and cheaper and more plentiful, Better get across the border before the wall goes up 

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1 hour ago, CAAnglin said:

During a company meeting. 
"Just because it's legal in some states doesn't make it ok. It's still against company policy." 


At will employment is a bitch as long as they don't fire you for race/religion e/t/c its your ass on a platter...I'm waiting for a stoner to sue based upon canni religion or something, it'll be a real life "choose your fate" meme

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ba9s-x-x-xvac-white-120.jpg x 2

194-can-bus-led-bulb-5-smd-wedge-base-to x 4

74-wwhp3.jpg x 18

74-led-bulb-3-smd-wide-angle-wedge-base. x 2


19370058_bos_15097_pri_larg.jpg x 1


137277-M.jpg x 1 + Ammo and mags to go with., couldn't pass up a $300 sale .300aac blkout lol. 


Also snagged a big entertainment center for upstairs, and a new mattress for one of the guest bedrooms.   

Need to get a new boost gauge and im sure there will be more. 

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