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18 hours ago, gilber33 said:

bool cro

Cool Rob




$1953 later...................

Timing belt
Cam/Crank seals
Fuel line cover
All engine mounts
Some misc stuff.....


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Got the alert on my phone at 6am Wednesday.  


Drove out this morning and pulled it. 


Driver door check. 






Also..... fuel pump died 3 miles from the yard. 

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Two Moog end links
Detroit Axle control arm kit
FCS strut assemblys



Now I just need to find the time to actually install this stuff......


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15 hours ago, caanglin said:

Browsing FB Marketplace while out of town. 🙄
Back in a Volvo. 



what did you pick it up for?   Prices on S60R's are allllll over the place.   4-8k seems to be market value.
Same with P80s now.

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