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21 hours ago, Zappo said:

They always leak.  I have several that I would use when racing over a weekend and never had one hold air all night.


9 hours ago, flyfishing3 said:



I'm just glad it was my pocket and not my wifes side.  
Already got my refund from Amazon so that works I suppose. 

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3 hours ago, flyfishing3 said:

What year is that car?  I’m surprised it didn’t have one from factory 

08, standard with the upgraded Bose system, expensive option for the standard package.  Became standard equipment in 2010

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1 hour ago, LaimaSeih said:

What happen with the prusa? Isn't it durable and good printer?


It is a very good printer. The ender 5 plus allows me to print much bigger parts though.

I think the mini is an awesome entry level printer that was great to learn on and get to know what's what. Now that I have the experience, I got the new printer up and running in a bit over an hour taking my time.

It wasn't a replacement, but more of an upgrade.

...I will say the new ender is much louder than the prusa. I'm going to have to build a cabinet to put it in.

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