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$400+ to the Local PD for driving the coupe 1mile :(

not 100% sure yet but they did confiscate the Plate I had on the car LOL

freaking first time driving it and made it mile for a test drive I havent even had a chance to get it titled over to me wich I was going to do today .

cant now since the have the title .

oh and

1 - 1.75 IPD spring :lol:

LOL at lucky :lol:


:lol: I was like uh ok ....

but its all fixed LOL

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Dude, what a moron I am. Only added one front spring to your order, Doh!

'nother unit inbound!

:lol: I emptyed the whole box out and everything and even pulled the wrapping paper apart and was :huh:

:lol: still funny

Justin you really have the worst luck w/ the 5.0, unless they just know you :lol:

I havent had a ticket in 3yrs minus a speeding one in ohio but jebus last two days has been insane

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You mean the boot? You want his color, lmk, mine is still good., And there is this guy (Hank's bitch, este, friend) that does micro fiber in red or whatever color youi fancy. Holy h!+, that's Santana doing his shit now on my stereo....

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