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After playing with it, I must say it has a tendency to be really soft down low.

That's what she said.

It's underexposed. I'm le noob.

Part of the problem is the camera can't communicate with the speedlight so right now, I'm just blindly fumbling around with the flash settings, bounce directions, etc and it's pure guess work.

I ordered a 580ex II yesterday and plan on using the Metz as a remote flash if needed. Hopefully with the flash and camera talking to each other results will be better.

Get that flash off the camera, you'll always be dissatisfied with the results until you do. I'm not a canon guy, but I don't the 580EXII has PC sync ports, I know you can add them, which isn't all that hard (I've done it to 2 of my flashes). But if you go off camera, you can use Nikon flashes which are awesome and have PC ports built into them. Otherwise though, the 580EXII is a great powerful flash.

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