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i have never understood drinking soda with breakfast food

I do that... I can't stand coffee.

The worst is when you brush your teeth in the morning and then drink coke

btw in Texas coke = (Sprite, Dr Pepper, Coke-A-Cola, Pepsi, ANY Diet drink)

Waitress - "What can I get you to drink?"

Me - "Coke"

Waitress - "What kind of Coke would you like?"

Me - "Dr Pepper"

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so, why not orange juice, milk, e/t/c?

yuck... I drink milk at night... before bed like an old man... OJ is too acidic... fiance gets Low Acid but that just tastes like flat OJ

Did you hook up with Mike, he works there and could get you a heck of a deal.

Yeah that is a great idea. I get corporate discounts but for Jos A Banks it is 15% off their regular price items which is still a rip off.

You could have gotten a Brooks Brothers 1818 Suit for $900 or two for $1500 much better quality than Jos A Banks and lifetime warranty.

I just returned 3 BB shirts to the store because the dryer burned them... $200 credit for new shirts :)

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