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yeah, i charge everything. i vertually never use cash.

Really? I used to charge everything, but then I got in the groove where I wasn't paying my bills, I would just leave them and pay off a portion, and then use the card again and my balance would go back up. Now I only have a 150 bucks left to pay on it, and all my bills/purchases I use my debit card.

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trust me I've asked for a higher limit and I was denied many times. I pay my bill on time and only once did I not pay the full balance. Try only charging 500 a month and see how far it gets you. I have to worrry about maxing it out and then have to switch to my debit card. And I know about used texts books but most of my books are rewroitten every two or three years and include different problem sets. What I do is wait until the first week of class and see which books I actually need then go to the campus book store. One semester I only needed two books out of 8 and spent 180 dollars instead of 600. If I bought the books online I'd have bought them all. I can't wait one week to order and then another week for shipping. And of course I know my rent is less than a morgatge my point is usually someone with a morgatge has something to show for it ie equity. Paying close to 800 a month is brutual for a college student but part of it is the location of my school.

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Is that what your rent is?

base rent is 770 parking is 75 a month outside and 120 inside. I have outside parking and for some reason they only charged me one month ph34r.gifph34r.gif. UMD is inside the beltway for DC so rent isn't cheap. I live on the second floor so my rent is actually one of the cheaper ones ohmy.gif and my building is a few miles off campus. There is an appartment complex bordering campus that has base rent at 840 and that is for a shared bath in a smaller room. They also have appt's for 1000+ a month. Its a steal. Next semester I plan to get a house with 4-5 guys and the total rent should be 2000, that and the guys i plan to rent with have a 04 mustang cobra, a mk4 vr6 gti on coils and bbs rs's, a mk4 gti vr6 on a cup set up, and a mini cooper. Its kind of ridiculous I pay more to live down there than for tuition.

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sorry no pictures

Went to the outlets

2 Eddie Bauer Shirts

2 BB Dress Shirts

2 BB Polo Shirts

1 Pair Gap jeans

Jockey misc

1 Nike Running shorts

1 Adidas Running shorts

1 Gap Flip Flops

$170 out of my pocket... everyone was having a 40% of higher sale... crazy

Up for debate, but Gap makes some of the best jeans under 100. I picked up a pair of the 1969 authentic ones for $25 ($70 regular) :)

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