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yeah i want someone to save it. and everyone is crying about me parting it but nobody will put the money where there mouth is :rolleyes:

anytime youd like swing by! you can see it sunday itll be here!

Will do sometime soon! Still want to try and buy some of those dash switches off you... Sunday I'm helping a friend become a future VS member so unfortunately no Lowell for me.

Today I bought some nuts...


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Still Mike?

Mine just started to get a lot better by me running more and doing more calf raises. Maybe this time next year I can start trying out for some pro teams.

oh i'm running, weights etc.

did 5 miles this am. the calf raises but whenever i stop moving for awhile it tights up like crazy.

i promised my wife if i don't feel better by april i'll go to DR. they are going to tell me to rest and that wont happen.

still shoting for a marathon in Sept.

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And now we need a new one of these for it, cuz junior busted the original.m56h.jpg

This pic is froma TB thread.

Its actually going in this weekend, thanks to Bmac again. He's gettin paid, dont worry.

Luckily we found a real nice m56H at a local boneyard 10 minutes away from me for $200 out the door. Nice or what?

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