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Full AC overhaul ?

I'd rather pull everything out of the car than deal with that. :excl:

Yup, including a brand new blower motor.

And I'm essentially pulling everything out of the car to do this repair :lol:

I'm going to pull the headliner and have it redone at the same time as well.

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Which car, Adam ? The bumble bee ? Any other car and you'd be wasting your time, IMO. Knock on wood, my AC has been working great, but if it goes, it'll have to go.

My AC hasn't worked as long as I can remember. I love having my windows open, so I don't even know how often I'd use the AC, but there's always those one or two days during the summer where I'm like, fuck, wish I had AC right about now.

I decided not to go aftermarket on these parts. Don't want to do this job twice.

That's a good point.

I don't even know when I'd get to that job. Saving up for Virginia right now. And then got Carlisle after that. At least once I get my tune, all of my performance stuff is done so I can start saving up for some of these maintenance items.

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Why are you replacing your dash?

Because Dave doesn't want to buy a new car. Instead, he likes rebuilding his from the ground up, one piece at a time. Neverending quest for a brand new 15 year old car.

If my AC ever dies, it's probably going to stay that way :lol: Ya, those 3 days a year where it's 90+ and 99% humidity will suck, but it won't be the end of the world.

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You realize you would need an ENTIRE new dash...Not just that one piece. As in the entire thing, wood trim and all...

Pretty stupid to replace the dash because of a dumb cracked plastic piece.

Yes I do realize that, that is why I said I would just do it when I have to do the evap. :arob:

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