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Rent or Buy!?

Renting for right now. After my recent split with my ex I had to find some place with a buddy. This popped up right in our price range and it's incredible other than the speedbumps entering the neighborhood :glare:

I'm getting 650+ sq ft more than where I'm currently living, 24 hour manned guard gate, integrated surround sound in the living room and an over sized 2 car garage for about $140 more than I'm paying now. It'll do for the next year or two while I sort out finances and decide if I want to buy around here.

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I don't see garages anywhere.

Edit: Ok, you are getting a garage. :)

They are behind the building (underneath the townhouse since they're 3 stories). There's a little alleyway back there. I like that so we're able to wash cars without worrying about traffic and all of that jazz.

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not gonna lie.. that looks like how they are doing the PJ's around here in tampa / st. pete.. all colorful to hide the fact that it is ALL section 8.

They do that here too..cover up the cement block CMHA buildings with a "townhouse facade" and in a year they are trashed...

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More better pics here

First bike jacket. It's a cheapie model, but I figure I'll start with it and figure out what kind of features I value before I move up. At least my sleeves won't be flapping in the mirrors.


Except in Silver. Gold is pictured.



The wrist lever

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