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Urgent Transmission Service S80 2000 2.9 Non Turbo

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Hi guys,

On my S80, 2.9L non turbo, 2000 just showed up "urgent transmission service" required.

Also, the engine start sputtering and will not go out of 1st gear.

I had recently visited local volvo shop and they told me that they need to clean MAF.

How can I clean myself?? Is that going to help??

just curious, reading about those bad "urgent transmission service" on S80's and am curious how did you fix it??

Someone recommended changing transmission oil, someone change solenoid's and helps.

Out of curiosity how did you fix your "urgent transmission service" problems??

Seems to be that when they reset the check engine light car was driving for a few days without problems, shifting great.

I just don't see how transmission can be bad if they reset codes and after that car is driving like a champ.

The codes they pulled from volvo shop:

Code for long term fuel trim ( 261A)

Adaptive lambda control bank 2 ( ECM-271A )

Transmission shift solenoid S2 (TCM-000C)

Also shop recommended if this happen again to go to volvo dealership to re-program the transmission software.

What do you guys think about??

What should I do??

How can I fix those issues??

Any and/or all ideas will be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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I would change out the ATF till it's nice and clean and then go from there. If it's stating the S2 solenoid I would consider replacing that but these trannys are not known for their durability (GM made).

As for the ECUs codes, I would suspect a vacuum leak some place. Although I would re-set those and see if they come back since those can be a little flukey.

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The front O2 sensors are used to retard timing between shifts (makes shifting smoother.) If you overfill the engine oil (not trans fluid) it comes out the PCV system into intake manifold and fouls those lambda sensors. If you blew a big puff of smoke right before that message appeared then that's likely the problem. Unfortunately you'll need a BSR PPC diag tool (or a dealer) to clear the code though.

It's still a good idea to change the trans fluid though, despite Volvo saying it never needs to be changed.

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