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Need Radio Codes! Read Here Don't Post!

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If your Volvo is new to you or this is the first time you have lost your radio code hopefully this will be helpful for you.

Why is it asking me for a code in the first place?

All 850’s, S/V90’s, X70’s, and 1rst Gen S40/V40’s have “theft proof” Head units in them. It was designed so that the radio would only work in one car until you received the correct code for the radio. The downsides to this are, nobody steals old Volvo radios anymore, and anytime that you break power to the car (e.g. replace the battery) the radio will reset and ask you for a code.

Where do I get my code?

There are a couple of places that you should look in your car before calling a dealership for the code. First, every Volvo that came with a “Theft-proof” head unit was given a card (looks like a white credit card) with the code written on it, check your owners manual or glove box to see if it is still there. Secondly, most owners write their code on the top of the so that they will never loose it, to check this there are two tabs on the sides of the radio, depress the tabs and they will pop out, after they pop out pull the head unit straight towards you (you might have to put the car in neutral to get it all the way out).

Volvo radio codes are only obtainable from VOLVO DEALERS, so please don’t post on forums looking for radio codes, its easier for both parties if you just call. Most dealers will give you the code straight over the phone, some will ask you to fax in or show up with a copy of registration and proof of identification (this is what your told to ask for when I was working at a dealer), but either way receiving the code should be free, if the dealer charges for the code, hang up the phone and call another dealer!

Here is the information that the dealer is going to ask for when you call

  • Model #- e.g. HU-615
  • Vin # of vehicle
  • Serial # of radio (removal steps of radio are above)

How do I reset the code?

  • If the radio is in the “Code” mode, than you simply use the radio presets to enter the four digit code
  • If the radio is in “Off” the follow these steps

    • The battery must be connected
    • Turn the ignition key to the first position
    • The head unit must be turned on
    • Make sure all other accessory’s are turned off (such as headlights) to prevent dead battery
    • The vehicle has to now sit for 2 hours plus until the radio goes into “Code” mode again

Hopefully this is helpful, and if you have any other questions, PM me or somebody else on the board, do not start your own thread!! Feel free to add any info that I did not metion

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Just to clarify, there are actually two ways to look up radio codes. Either with the vehicle VIN or with the radio serial number.

The problem with using the vehicle VIN is that the radio code on record is for the original installed radio. If the radio has been replaced, it will be the incorrect code.

In order to avoid getting the wrong code and then having to call back, I recommend that you call the dealer with the following information that is all on a printed sticker on the top of the radio:

Radio Part Number:

Radio Model:

Radio serial number:

This way you will request the Radio code for the actual radio...

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Wish somebody could compile this.

I swore I wrote that in there, but good catch, thanks

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Had the battery out of my mom's '04 C70 and the code I picked up at the dealership last year didn't work (never had to use it til now) Turns out the radio was a reconditioned unit. Called up the dealership, gave them all the info and they gave me the code for the radio. Let it sit for EXACTLY 2 hours and it turned from OFF to CODE. Works great now!

Great writeup, wish people would look here first instead of posting new threads looking for info on why their radio doesn't work... If the first dealership you call won't give you the code, try others. You WILL find one that will do it over the phone.

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I got 97 960 the radio is fr - 816 when I bought the car it was off the code is written on the top I called the dealer to verify it is the code I did the 2-hour thing it came out and said code I put in that code didn't give me an error code it it just stayed at the code I put it in and it didn't do anything else I just said the code that I put in nothing else I tried all the other buttons power on power off any ways to fix this I would definitely appreciate thanks

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