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    • By JasonVonIrsik
      I have owned this amazing vehicle and as I started researching, I found that these cars make great sleeper cars.   No one wants to be taken by a grocery getter. 
      I am starting the build and want to get educated on my car. Vehicle: Grey 92 Volvo 240 Wagon. Engine 2.3L (That's all I know currently)  I have began tearing into the engine as it died on me and has been sitting for about a year now.  Shop said timing belt was busted and wanted 1,800.  I decided to do it myself.  I am mechanically inclined but far from a master mechanic.  Anyways, I welcome any and all advice.  I am going for sleeper, and will update any mods done.  I want it running first.  As you can see the belt is not busted and since the shop wouldn't return my car for almost 8 months, (Whole other story). I hope more issues have not raised.  At almost 200,000 but prior to dying it was running very well.  While I am tearing into it I want to fit it with a turbo. 
      Again I can work on stuff, but tricking out, yeah not my thing so first question would be.....Is this motor able to handle a turbo and will I have to get forged guts?  Can I keep the same fuel rail?  Cam suggestions.......So on.  Thanks and I am new to the group.............

    • By 2005V70R
      VS and the 850 T-5R were featured today on Second Daily http://seconddaily.com/850t5r/
    • By Megan
      I have a Volvo 850 Turbo for sale in the Charlotte, NC area. It's in rough shape: Paint is oxidized; drivers seat is ripped; the antennae is broken; needs a new sensor - the fan stays on for a few minutes after turning the ignition off; it has decided it does not like to start in very wet weather. There may be some other issues but I couldn't say for sure. I've had it sitting for a month and just went and started it and it did start right up (it's a dry day today). Anyhow, it may be a good project or parts car....it has a new battery, two new tires (the other two are a year old with not many miles on them, and the radiator was replaced in July. The odometer is reading ~153,000; however, it does not work. I'd say this car has nearly 300,000 on it. Message me if you are interested. Again, it is in Charlotte, NC close to uptown area. Best offer gets it.
    • By Che'_Moderator
      Just looking for some feedback and suggestions. Everything should be running smoother now.
    • By Che'_Moderator
      Sorry about the outage earlier. I was hoping to get lucky and not have to take site down, but updated to php needed an apache up-date and restart. Over the next few days I will be applying all of the updates I have been working on so expect a little site weirdness. If you have any bugs that persist after clearing cache of Volvospeed temp files, feel free to submit a bug report under the support tab at the top. 
      Some of these updates are moving towards upgrades I have planned for this server. I hope to have the site running mirrored on new box within a week or so. New box will be dual e5-1650s for those who care. That should help with server side a good bit, but main bottle neck is still i/o. I saw some black Friday sales pop up on drives and ram. If we can raise a little bit of money we can upgrade the SAS to RAID 10 which should help A LOT, donation link in sidebar. So if we hit our goal that is the plan. If we do not get close I will just throw another 16gb in the machine and increase cache threads. Either way, expect the site to be a lot faster in the next few weeks, and hopefully I have gotten to most of the bugs.