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    • By Ghost Shadow
      So you want Dice to scan your 99 and newer volvo? You want to disable the DRL's? You want to reset the SRS light because you remove the climate control unit in you 01+ S60/V70? You want VIDA so you can know how to repair your vehicle like the pro's do but in your garage at 2:00am? You just a tool whore? You have nothing else better to do and just want to have it just in case you may need it some day?

      If any of those apply to you, read on but first....


      You will need to get the following
      Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro 32 bit. No Ultimate, No Vista, No Home, No 64 bit
      Dice scan tool found here http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/437145144-DHL-FREE-SHIPPING-Wholesale-2012-hot-sale-Volvo-Vida-Dice-2011A-professional-diagnostic-tool-Best-price-wholesalers.html
      Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0 file name msxml6.msi http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=3988
      Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition file name SQLEXPR.exe http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=21844
      PC Rquirements are 16GB of drive space, 2GB ram and some sort of fast processor. i bought this http://www.asus.com/...rformance/X54L/
      Internet Exporer 8.0 or newer

      First up ordered the Dice. It came in a few days.

      Installation Recipe for a sucessfull install
      Load up a virgin Win7 Pro 32bit, dowsnt have to be a clean install, just something that never had SQL and XMl stuff installed before
      ***NEW**** TURN OFF FIRE WALL AND USER Account Control Settings to OFF
      Install MSXML 6.0, what it does i dont have a clue
      Install SQL Server 2005 Express another, i have no idea WTF it does. When it installed, the setup check for required files and once it past registration the next window was feature selection. Click on the "X" for client components go down to "Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive". Click next and next and next till it installs leaving everything default. After install
      Open Microsoft SQL Sever 2005, Configuration Tools, then open SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration
      There will be two choices on the bottom Click on Services and connections
      Another window opens up and on the left it says SQL server Browser. click on it and on the right you will see start up type highlighted on disabled. change it to automatic
      Install the Vida software. I used 2011A, so i have no clue what other versions do or how they install.
      there will be three choices when you get past the computing system requirements part. If you system meets requirements then it will get you to the three choices
      choose the top choice that installs everything. if it does not error out it will take a good 15-20 minutes to install depending on your system. Go get a beer, you are almost done
      If it ask you to reboot Vida and Vida checks out. reboot
      Once it reboots, here where you need to turn off the internet connection and things get sticky. You need to read the file that came with your Vida disk, usually a read me file
      Before you do what ever the readme files tells you to do, wait for the little vida icon in the task bar to go green. You might also get a eupdate icon too, dont worry about that one.
      Once it goes green then follow the read me file.
      You back from the read me file? Click on Vida-All-IN-One
      Internet explorer will open up with Vida login. Your login info usually is in the readme file on the Vida disk you got.

      Got my DRL's turned off on the 05 V70R last night as well as SUM recalibration...Those are going to be for another topic.

      Got sent a laptop to try and do this. Fussing with it for 2 days and finally figured out that since it was NOT my laptop i did not change notification settings. i left it default. changed firewall to off and user account settings to off. now it loaded fine. ARRG.
    • By Uncle Boost
      I know this has been beat to death....While I had my S80 @ the dealer to have a new remote and key programmed, I asked them to turn off the DRL's.. I was standing there when the Tech brought all the modules up on the Screen.. I got a Freebee ETM update, as it showed mine is Failing...@ 73%.. Well, when he went to disable the DRL's, that option was NOT highlighted..as in "Not Clickable" on the screen.. He was hooked into Vida/ Dice etc... 2 techs couldn't figure out why that option to click on DRL was not functional.. Any Ideas? Such a PITA to have lights on all the time.. I know about the safety and all that... but it doesn't matter if you have lights on or not around here...people still drive like dumb@sses...I have a need to be Stealth sometimes with rental houses and Thieves lurking around properties..so I like to catch'em at Gun Point and call the meat wagon to haul them in...kinda hard to do lit up like a landing airplane 24-7.
      I'm at the point of connecting an inline switch to the fuse... I don't need lights on all the fricken time..ha haha.. I have HID's in the headlights and the Fogs.. Did the Shunt mod so that nagging Bulb warning is nonexistent now..So any Ideas why the option to turn off the DRL's thru Vida wan't "Clickable" in the program?