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Increased Facebook Integration

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As always Volvospeed has a few things cooking. Next up is increased integration to both ebay and Facebook. If you have a facebook account be sure to "Like" Volvospeed Connect. Once you do you can help out by tagging a few Volvo related photos as Volvospeed Connect. This will help us develop a smoother running site that is less reliant on any specific social network site or image host.

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I know there is a like button somewhere, because 3 people have liked it since I posted this. Sure you are not already following it? As for tagging, it seems random. About half the people who have lived it can tag and half cannot....

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I liked Volvospeed Connect a while back and am currently having trouble tagging it.

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Had already liked, will not let me tag VS connect.

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All the sites now have the option to sync status updates and avatar to Facebook. Under profile/settings there is a facebook panel. If you enable this, your Volvospeed status and profile pic will sync to FB.

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    • By blackc30probs
      2008 Volvo C30 1.0 T5 with 130k miles.
      On cold startup the car runs rough bouncing between 1500-2000 rpm for about 10 sec before returning to 1500 until it is warm, the following codes have appeared: P0101 MAF circuit range/performance, and P0300 Random/ Multiple cylinder misfire. I have taken the following steps to solve the issue:

      About a year ago Cylinder 3 coil pack was replaced due to P303 code (issue was solved, just added as background)
      New MAF sensor was installed (after attempting to clean the stock Bosch unit, which also didn’t stop the code from reappearing) 2 weeks ago
      All 5 spark plugs replaced with Bosch units (3 months ago)
      New air filter, which was installed at the same time as the spark plugs

      The MAF problem started about a month ago, but the rough idle only 2 weeks ago, even after clearing the codes, they return after 1 or 2 driving cycles. Rough start up even happens after codes are cleared. 

      Anybody had this issue, or have any advice as to what the next steps should be?  
    • By JasonVonIrsik
      I have owned this amazing vehicle and as I started researching, I found that these cars make great sleeper cars.   No one wants to be taken by a grocery getter. 
      I am starting the build and want to get educated on my car. Vehicle: Grey 92 Volvo 240 Wagon. Engine 2.3L (That's all I know currently)  I have began tearing into the engine as it died on me and has been sitting for about a year now.  Shop said timing belt was busted and wanted 1,800.  I decided to do it myself.  I am mechanically inclined but far from a master mechanic.  Anyways, I welcome any and all advice.  I am going for sleeper, and will update any mods done.  I want it running first.  As you can see the belt is not busted and since the shop wouldn't return my car for almost 8 months, (Whole other story). I hope more issues have not raised.  At almost 200,000 but prior to dying it was running very well.  While I am tearing into it I want to fit it with a turbo. 
      Again I can work on stuff, but tricking out, yeah not my thing so first question would be.....Is this motor able to handle a turbo and will I have to get forged guts?  Can I keep the same fuel rail?  Cam suggestions.......So on.  Thanks and I am new to the group.............

    • By 2005V70R
      VS and the 850 T-5R were featured today on Second Daily
    • By ForeroC30
      Hey all!
      I'm interested on making my 6-speed manual C30 T5 much more fun to drive, though it has a replay nice gearbox. I was looking for short shift systems for the car but I haven't actually find anything where to buy or any brand that makes one for the car. 
      Does anyone has a short shifter in his C30, opinions, impressions. 
      Also, where can i get one!?
    • By ForeroC30
      Hey Guys!
      I just wanted to explain the annoying situation I've been experiencing with my 2013 C30 T5 R. 
      The car has only 32K Kilometers, only one change of brake pads done at the Volvo workshop. The Pads have already approx 6000 kms of daily driven and few hard driving.
      Last week I was cruising in the freeway, going almost at 150kms and had to brake kind of hard because a police car was few meters away, though the braking felt very horrendous.
      I felt the brake pads kind of clap the rotor, like if there was no full contact. I don't know if I'm making my self understand but yeah, just the braking was so bad, totatlly unsafe and definitely want to do an upgrade, NOT a Big brake system. 
      Do you know if the HAWK Sector 27 kit that comes with the slotted Rotors plus the pads work good? 
      I also read that Stoptech offer the same type of combo (Rotor+Pad) and it is not too expensive.
      Has someone experienced the same problem, if so what do you did to fix it.
      Let me know what you recommend!
      Thank You!