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You left the /11 and /12 S60's off the list. Swedespeed project T6 has the Polestar upgrade.

MY 11 and 12 are factory only. You cannot order it after the fact according to Polestar.

My take on this is, that it will be great for 2-3 year old cars. In a few years you would be better off with a more aggressive chip, but for your brand new baby this would be a great option. Hopefully they add exhaust and suspension items soon.

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MY 11 and 12 are factory only. You cannot order it after the fact according to Polestar.

My take on this is, that it will be great for 2-3 year old cars. In a few years you would be better off with a more aggressive chip, but for your brand new baby this would be a great option. Hopefully they add exhaust and suspension items soon.

Strange, because the Swedespeed test car added it at the dealer, and others over there in the 11+ forum are getting it done at the dealer too.

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2008 and 2009s do not even make sense to me. I know its the same as the newer models, but if I had a 2008 its coming off warranty I would be going with a more aggressive after market option. What is the pricing on these anyways?

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Don't wait for anything better. This tuning has been available for some time in Europe now on more than just the T6 models.

The gains are nice but always within the tolerances allowed with certification in the country the tuning is provided.

As an example I used to drive a V70NN 2.5T which came with 200 hp in 2009. For the 2010 model the 238 hp 6 cylinder was dropped and the 2.5T gained 30 HP just like this engine does in the C30.

Polestar tuning for the 2009 model offered a 30 HP gain, for the 2010 model a 20 HP gain. When asking if the 2009 could be upped to 250 HP is was a clear no while in Sweden 200 HP models can be upped to 250 HP.

The price may be steep, some 20% over the other aftermarket brands with a more moderate gain, but I think the main plus besides the warranty is also that the software update will be added to Volvo's database so the car will keep the gain for the rest of it's lifecycle. Any future ECU software updates and the tuning won't be overwritten.

In Europe we had an intermediate model with the S60/V60 called the 2.0T. This engine produced 203 HP and was offered with the introduction of these models. The 35 HP stronger "T5"4 cylinder wasn't available at introduction. A couple of months ago the T5 started delivery and Volvo cancelled the 2.0T model. Shortly after a Polestar tuning was offered at reduced price for the 2.0T models upping the power to the same level as the T5.

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Johann has got this matter spot on. This Polestar stuff is all created in house by Volvo's own software engineers, it is carefully written to match up with all Volvo's other criteria, presents no future warranty worries and will never be wiped during the course of a normal dealer service.

What it does not do presently and likely may not in the future is run engines with different exhausts intercoolers, bigger injectors and turbos etc., which is often what is required by my customers.

Also, in the UK most Volvo modifiers have older cars, certainly out of warranty so that is irrelevant to them.

It is interesting that Johann has brought up the subject of the 2.0l Ford Ecoboost engine badged Volvo for the S60/V70. This will be in the new Focus 5 door ST in the next few months and presumable in the new 5 door C30 'T5', but Volvo continue to offer the old 2.5l RNCT engine in the North American S60/V70 T5s. Is this due to Volvo wishing to get rid of their run out stock of those older engines in that area or some antipathy that the US has to some gasses in the exhaust of the latest Euro direct injection engines...?

Regards, Don.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • By Johann87
      hi there people, please, if someone would be so kind as to please share a photo of the  above mentioned ecu, but mostly a up close high as possible quality photo of the bottom of the ecu( the side where the cpu is not). im atempting to repair mine as it suffered a major short on the wiring of the maf sensor, ill attach a photo of what im seeking, please!!! 

    • By jsf1992
      Hi all,

      Only recently has my 2010 S60 DAB radio stopped working. 

      When I click on Radio on the central console and go on DAB 1 or DAB 2, nothing comes up on the main screen at all. It just put me back into FM mode after a few seconds.

      Does anyone have any idea how this could be fixed, any help would be much appreciated?

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      Hey everyone,
      Perhaps you can give me some help.
      Have a 2011 Volvo C30 RDESIGN 6spd. I have a vibration, and wobble, and clicking on stop starts or turning. When i turn its just one click , nothing continuous. At speeds over 90kph, I get a wobble from the front left. Also under acceleration it feels like the something isn't correct in the front left. I would describe it as vibration or engine missing.
      I have replaced both axles as i had a tear in the right boot, so replace both sides. 
      I have put IPD stabilizer end links on . 
      Checked balance of front left wheel as well.
      Sometime when I am braking from speeds of 90kph plus, i get vibration through wheel, like a warped rotor. But other times its fine. Doesn't happen at lower speeds at all. 
      Car idles great, smooth, great gas mileage, no knocks for contact sounds from engine bay. 
      At a loss on what next. Could strut mount bushings and bearings be creating this issue?
      Anything suggestions that would help , would be most appreciated.
      Thank you
    • By zman172
      2006 Volvo v70 (120,000 miles) part out list of parts below:
      Box #1
      Steering wheel
      Trunk hatch carpeted trim
      Center console
      Box #2
      Car jack and breaker bar red handle and tow bar
      A/C compressor
      Windshield wiper motor
      Accelerator pedal
      Fuel door lock solenoid
      Navigation Antenna
      Antenna amplifier (green or orange x2)
      Ignition immobilizer
      Ignition switch starter
      Turn signal stalk
      Sensor alarm
      Seat belt restraints (x2)
      Door sill plates (x2)
      Metal radio pocket
      Volvo plastic radio pocket
      A/C control unit
      Side view mirror left
      Servotronic fuse relay
      Trunk latch
      Windshield wiper stalk
      Overhead light driver front
      Rear bumper trim (x2)
      Dashboard trim
      Instrument border
      Rear speaker covers
      Driver motor seat controls
      Passenger motor seat controls
      Gear shifter
      Steering wheel column cover
      Door speaker covers front (x2)
      Center console trim (x2)
      Rear carpeted trim panels (x2 one thin one thick)
      Front cupholders
      Rear cargo upper trim with dome light
      Master cylinder
      Box #3
      Side view mirror right
      Wooden door handle trim pieces (x4)
      Fuel pump regulator
      Overhead dome light rear
      Windshield rain sensor
      Tan headrest with long spikes
      Tan headrest with brackets (x2)
      Rear armrest with cupholders
      Flip down sun shield left (red wire)
      Flip down sun shield right (green wire)
      Rear view mirror and wiring harness
      Power steering pump tank
      Right upper brake light
      Right lower brake light
      Armrest for front seats
      Driver window switch box
      Front passenger window switch
      Airbag sensor
      Rear speakers (x2)
      Box #4
      Side airbags (x2)
      Spare tire
      Rear fuse relay box
      Rear third brake light
      Emergency brake with leather
      Rear trunk speaker trim (x2)
      Right rear trunk carpet trim
      Box #5
      All 4 door panels
      Back hatch carpeted floor (x2 one thin one thick)
      Rear bottom single seat
      Single seat leather upper
      Double seat leather upper
      Left and right rear seat bolsters
      Right front carpet
      Left front carpet
      Drivers front seat
      Passenger front seat
      Rear trunk hatch trim
      Box 6
      Braking systems (x2)
      Glove box
      Emergency brake trim (x2)
      Center console back plate
      Passenger lower dash cover
      Floor door trim (x2)
      Front door handles
      License plate frame
      Seat railing covers
      Box 7
      Instrument cluster 163000
      Radio trim
      Shifter trim
      Trunk trim (long back piece (x2) and shoulder piece
      Floor door trim (x2 longer pieces)
      Rain sensor cover
      Dash radio storage box
      Fuse panel cover
      Gas tank cover
      Front air bag crash sensor
      Rear air bag crash sensors
      Air bag impact sensor
      Headlight switch
      Hazard light switch
      Dashboard airbag
      Box 8:
      On pallet not in box:
      Door pillar vents (x2)
      Torque rod
      Windshield wiper motor cover with seal
      Trunk pillar covers (x2)
      Left side skirt cover
      Right side skirt cover
      Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 longer)
      Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 shorter)
      Trunk trim with cut out for lock
      Trunk trim no cut out
      Left and right trim railings (x2)

    • By mynewvolvoexp
      I am a long time loyal Volvo owner that has owned many Volvos over the years and owned P2 Volvos for a long time. I never once felt the need to go aftermarket until my horrible experience with our 2016 XC70 rear brakes.
      After my experience I feel like the TRW sourced rear pads don’t hold up. They are so bad in my opinion I have a hard time believing they are even TRW and wonder if these are actually Lucas since I believe TRW acquired Lucas. If that’s the case I’m not sure why Volvo would have sourced these but I think it would have to do with cost.
      I used to get up to 70,000 miles out of our P2 rear brakes so I know it’s not us. Personally, I don’t buy that it’s due to EPB or increased rear brake bias because the fronts still get the most brake distribution.
      I feel completely screwed because I don’t see any aftermarket alternative that I really feel comfortable with. I know people will throw all kinds of things out there but I need something high quality members have used for a long time and proven. When I say proven I mean original braking performance, smoothness, quiet with no noise but actually hold up in my opinion where I can get at least 30K from rear brakes. The problem I am having is everything is questionable. When I have tried even what were supposed to be quality aftermarket pads with my first Volvos many years ago they always seemed inferior and they always made noise.
      It also seems like everything aftermarket is now ceramic.
      My first instinct was ATE Pads but they appear to be ceramic. My concern is one website said ATE 602736 pads were discontinued and I found some on ebay but it makes me concerned there may have been some issue and even if they are great I may not be able to buy them for very long anyway so this option doesn’t look good.
      My second instinct is TRW has what I think they are pushing as kind of a premium black series pad. I looked at the reviews of these pads used with other brand vehicles and the reviews seem good and say they are quiet with good brake performance which has me leaning toward these.
      Textar was a brand I was considering but I believe that I read a forum post from a BMW owner that put these and Brembo rotors on the rear and said something I think like he kind of feels a delay before they grab unlike original brakes. This is something I cannot accept because I need something with original braking performance.
      I have seen Pagid brake pads but personally I think they look like too hard of a pad where there may be noise or decreased braking performance in my opinion.
      I am leaning toward the TRW Black TPC1307 Pads
      Now for rotors I don’t know if the rotors with uneven wear rings, grooving and scoring I never seen before that you can see in my video are because Volvo is now using a really soft rotor material or just the pads being inferior in my opinion did this. Now I’m trying to decide if I should go with Volvo rotors or try aftermarket.
      The only possibly decent aftermarket rear brake rotor I found seems to be Brembo 09958711. I would NOT go with Brembo aftermarket pads because I think I saw a review complaining about noise even when using with Brembo rotors. My only concern is that I remember when I tried Brembo rotors years ago with my first Volvos Brembo had started putting these stupid wear indicator dimples in the contact area even though none of the online photos showed these. I believe I called them to complain and think I ended up sending the rotors back.
      Also, how low should you safely be able to wear your rear brake pads down to? Shouldn’t you be able to wear pads down to 2 or 3mm safely and as long as there is still some pad material left the rotors shouldn’t be grinding or scored? I know this sounds like a stupid question but I never experienced anything like this. 
      Here is a video that shows the pads and rotors so you can see the wear
      Here is my article I wrote about my new Volvo rear brake experience
      I’m leaning toward the TRW Black TPC1307 rear pads with Volvo rotors and seeing what happens but it’s not a cheap experiment if the rotors are somehow part of the problem and wear like before so it’s kind of a tough one.
      I would appreciate proven suggestions for P3 aftermarket rear brakes.