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Volvos Of Carlisle Official Thread 2012

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and the wheels just keep on spinnin...


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105 was a winner and his goodies are on his way to him. Congratz ;)

First round of goodies went out.


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    • 2000 Volvo V70XC Not Running
      By 79genesis
      I purchased a 2000 Volvo V70 XC off eBay that was listed as not running with a crank no start condition. This was not the case, after getting the vehicle home and attempting to crank it over with a fresh battery I found the engine was locked up. After borrowing a bore scope it looks like the tops of the pistons are corroded due to coolant infiltration from a blown head gasket. Anyhow the vehicle is overall in pretty good cosmetic shape and would make a nice ride with a bit of TLC. I don't have the time and resources to replace the engine with a good used unit. I'm asking $700 for the car and open to reasonable offers. If you have any questions drop me a PM. Car is located in Milton, Delaware. 
      Click link below for more photos of car.

    • 2000 Volvo S40 1.9t Los Angeles Area $1300
      By Peace562
      Hello Everyone, 
      Selling my 2000 Volvo S40 in the LA, CA Area
      Odo Reads160k
      Good A/C, Aluminum Wheels, Turbocharged, Tags are payed but needs to Pass smog. CEL is out has dtc codes active. Has an Oil Leak Issue, Crank Seal Leak possibly, VVT Hub needs Replacement, Top Valve Cover has 4 Bolt holes that are stripped and need to be helicoiled. She still runs and I wish I could keep her but I simply can't carry out the repairs.   Selling as is. Asking for $1300 OBO as is.
    • 1997 Volvo 850 AWD (2.4 L5 T 193 hp @ 5100rpm) Standard 5 speed.
      By Sept
      Hi there, 
      I am a new member on this forum as it's been suggested to me by a friend, I also have a request pending on the facebook group where I will place this ad if I'm allowed to later.
      As the title says, I have a 1997 850 AWD Volvo, Manual/Standard for sale. Full equipped, heating mirrors, seats, sunroof, bla bla...
      For who knows this model, it didn't come out a lot (something like 400 assembled in Canada and similar amount in Czech Republic/Eastern Europe).
      USA doesn't have it, so the Odometer is in Kilometres, it was born and bred on the Canadian West Coast, Vancouver owner before me.
      I bought it at 172 XXX km (106 XXX miles), and now it stands with 236 XXX km (146 XXX miles).
      Why am I selling it? I am a university student, and Uni + Volvo 850 is too much of an expensive lifestyle for my pockets.
      We all know Volvo aren't the cheapest car for maintenance fees. She did me very well for the nearly 40 000 miles ( 64k km ) I've drove with it (Coast to Coast & North to South Canada\USA trips for most of it), but now that I had it vandalized/hit and run at my ski resort and that some mechanical parts are worn out and due for a change, I'm really sad but I have to let it go.
      The front bumper/driver quarter pannel/door are damaged and to be replaced (or fixed, good luck).
      The lower left ball joint to be changed, the power steering rack/pump is leaking, so does the coolant, and the oil. I did treat her well, but I didn't give enough attention to some parts of the car, and it's now that I realize that she needs some love and that aluminum engines aren't that easy to deal with for leaks. I can't afford it anymore.
      I changed the alternator lately (OEM used, following Robert DIY advice), the clutch when I bought it (OEM brand new), and recently, when the turbo/awd kicks in there is a shake/vibration in the gas pedal and steering wheel. It happened before and the angle gear broke, so I changed it too (and wouldn't you know, an AWD standard angle gear aren't made anymore, even aftermarket, so I had to get a used one).
      I do not believe it's the angle gear again which causes that issue, because I had my Volvo Dealership remove the whole driveshaft and unplug the AWD after noticing my U-joint was blown, and it still does it. I tend to believe it would be linked to HSV and Turbo matters, as it never shakes on flat at any speed/rpm, but if I have to go uphill and the engine needs more torque, that's when the bell rings.
      If I had the garage and time to get her back to 100%, I would, this car is a beauty and I loved every single mile I drove with it. Comfyest, safest and most performant car I had so far. But Canadian winters are Canadian winters, I decided to upgrate for a crossover/SUV, and now I can't handle the price of two car insurrance and maintenance so I have to let her go.
      I said I'd bring it to the Demolition Derby for the prize if I can't get a fair offer for it, and a friend told me "Don't do that, you know how some people would offer for a STANDARD AWD 850?" hence my presence here now. I don't want that lovely lady to go to waste, but I have to do what I have to do. If money wasn't a concern, I'd leave her in the garage until I can fix it, but I have to make a sacrifice, and between a car where I have to fix a lot that I can't afford and a good condition SUV for the winter, I choose to give her to someone who can take good care rather than killing her.
      For how much will I let it go? Your offer.
      I tought it was funny to take a picture of the car as dirty outside than it is inside, so I did. The two pictures show what she looked like when I bought it, and what she looks like now. (I simply changed the rims with the tires, hence the difference, it rolled on 16in forever, I wanted to make sure to get the best out of the AWD system and keep the differentials healthy).
      And for those who think I mistreated her, I had a 2004 s60 before this 850 and never had any issues with it throughout the same milleage, I changed it for an AWD Wagon because I needed the room and 4 wheels.

    • Volvo's on the street - my photo project
      By kmuncie
      Hello all, new member here! I wanted to show off my personal Volvo photoblog project that I have been working on for over a year. I just passed 100 photos so now I feel like it real enough to start sharing more. :)
      It all started when I moved to Brooklyn and realized how many beautiful and unique Volvo's there are parked all over the place, plus NYC has some awesome backdrops. So I began photographing them and posting them to this tumblr blog. I don't currently own a Volvo since I have a way to work on my own vehicle while living in this city, but hope to one day. Hope you all enjoy the photos :)
    • 850 Rear door speakers
      By Tommy.
      Both my rear door speakers have blown out. If anyone has a set that they would let go cheap I would appreciate it.