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Volvos Of Carlisle Official Thread 2012

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and the wheels just keep on spinnin...


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105 was a winner and his goodies are on his way to him. Congratz ;)

First round of goodies went out.


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    • By hcaznacnud
      Hey guys and ladies,
      I was wondering if anyone has any information for me regarding putting in an engine from a 96 850 turbo into a 97 850 manual car. Note that the 96 850 turbo has an automatic transmission and a 2.4L engine, and the 97 850 manual has a 2.3L engine. For some background info my turbo model was backed into by a friend and the insurance company claimed it as a loss so the car is now totaled and I am keeping this car and buying the manual version. The reason for this is because since the insurance company is totaling the car it will be more difficult to rebuild this car as opposed to buying another car for real cheap while also upgrading to a manual. I am not going to keep the turbo 850 but I am going to swap the engines and put the turbo onto the manual counterpart. My main question is this, which ECU should I use? To my belief it should be the auto ECU right, because it will have the software to run the engine and turbo but not the manual. Keeping the manual ECU in could damage the engine right, because the it does not know how to run the bigger liter engine along with the turbo which could cause catastrophic damage. I do not really need answers on doing the actual engine swap there is plenty of info on that. I am aware to buy new seals like the rear main seal and oil pan gaskets and what not. I am also going to get a new clutch plate. But any information anyone can give me would be appreciated.
    • By Tommy.
      It's been a while, (Staind, circa 2001 running through my head), didn't really lose interest in cars/the volvo lyfe, I started med school so my time perusing forums here is limited but I do miss the shenanigans and trolling.
      Picked this up a few weeks ago. Will update things/photos as they get done, bought this for a daily and so I can work on the 850 pretty regularly without worrying about not finishing things when I start them, and so I could sell my coral to my kid brother.
      2006 Electric silver/Nordkap V70R M66


      I also have about 100 pictures my father and I took throughout the weekend trip, once organized, I'll upload a link should anyone want to see them.
      Cannot say thank you enough to Tom, Nick at Re-volv, and celebrity mechanic Brandon for all the help with everything!
    • By Mase_mockup
      Hey, im looking for a good set of coilovers for my 98 v70 non-turbo or a good set of lowwering springs,not really picky on brand just need somthing good..thank
    • By Pdxgurl1989
      Hello Everyone!

      Pretty new to the Forums here but they have helped me out immensely with owning a V70 98 Volvo and I can typically rely on the information from these forums to be quite accurate. So let's just get into it I guess. 

      About a month ago I started noticing smoke coming from the engine bay, it wasn't that much - pretty faint- by this time there was no smell or anything just a little bit of smoke, pulled over, got out, looked under the hood, everything was good. About 2 weeks ago I started noticing a strange smell in the cabin of the Volvo - and this is when I haven't driven it - it's been sitting all night, I get in and BOOM - super bad smell almost like gasoline or oil (I can't tell which). Open up the hood and notice that there is a lot of oil on the top part of the engine. At this point I thought that maybe I had a faulty oil cap - so I bought a new one and continued on. About 5 days ago, I notice the oil from the top of the engine was still present but I don't seem to be LOOSING ANY when I check my dipstick, HOWEVER, there are drops on the ground where I park overnight, the drops are near the very front nose of the engine. I get in my car - I'd say about 28 miles total, Engine starts smoking, I start smelling this horrible smell and it's coming from the engine and smells like it's in the cabin as well. Open the hood, and there is literally oil everywhere. Appears that the smoke is coming from the very very back of the engine - If you can imagine it is CLOSEST to the cabin. The smell is pretty overpowering, and it seems like the only time this happens is when there is a lot of load on the Volvo - like if I am going fast (accelerating) or if I'm taking corners fast, Even getting off the highway and stopping at the first red light there will be smoke coming from the engine and a horrible burning smell. 
      Among the whole leaking some kind of oil, having a bad smell and smoking everywhere I go, I have a massive amount of P Codes, I've Googled what each of them mean but if any of you mechanically inclined gentlemen could tell me - maybe there is a correlation between the leak and any of these P Codes?

      P0442 - (FUEL EVAP LEAK -SMALL)
      I am aware that I need to fix the sensor that distributes the gas ratio to the engine because when the Volvo is on a steep incline up a hill, she can barely get enough power to go up it, and as soon as I put it in 3rd gear the Check Engine light just flashes on and off until I reach the very top of the hill. 

      Let me know if you guys need any more detail, I hope this was kind of detailed enough - if not let me know. Oh, and by the way, THERE IS NO MILKYNESS IN MY OIL AND  THERE IS NO OIL CRUD IN MY COOLANT RESERVOIR! - NO SIGNS OF BAD HEAD GASKET THUS FAR, thank you! :) 
    • By Tommy.
      Hey all, been a while...
      Figured I would reach out here to see if anyone was willing to help. I found a 2006 V70R in Scranton PA decent looking enough and at a price point I would be comfortable paying. Is anyone near this area that they could maybe check it out for me and see if everything is kosher on the vehicle? I would gladly give you gas money and compensate you for your time. I would be looking to go out and purchase it on the 5th of May so this week/weekend would be wonderful. If anyone is interested, please PM me and I will get back to you!