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Volvos Of Carlisle Official Thread 2012

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    • By 2005V70R
      VS and the 850 T-5R were featured today on Second Daily
    • By arvint123
      Hey guys! My first post here, and just got in my whole ABM headlight assembly...and everything works fine except I cant figure out how to get the light bar to work. 
      These are the bulb's i ordered for the light bar:
      and these incase i wanted to use amber
      (neither worked btw)
      Are they the wrong bulbs? They slide in fine from what it seemed and i even tried flipping them around, no luck. I feel like im missing something super simple. (I tried different light settings on my car in with just the side lights on/high beams on/regular setting). 

      Here is the main link to the lights im using:

      If anyone has any experience with these lights who can help me out itll be appreciated!!
    • By hcaznacnud
      Hey guys and ladies,
      I was wondering if anyone has any information for me regarding putting in an engine from a 96 850 turbo into a 97 850 manual car. Note that the 96 850 turbo has an automatic transmission and a 2.4L engine, and the 97 850 manual has a 2.3L engine. For some background info my turbo model was backed into by a friend and the insurance company claimed it as a loss so the car is now totaled and I am keeping this car and buying the manual version. The reason for this is because since the insurance company is totaling the car it will be more difficult to rebuild this car as opposed to buying another car for real cheap while also upgrading to a manual. I am not going to keep the turbo 850 but I am going to swap the engines and put the turbo onto the manual counterpart. My main question is this, which ECU should I use? To my belief it should be the auto ECU right, because it will have the software to run the engine and turbo but not the manual. Keeping the manual ECU in could damage the engine right, because the it does not know how to run the bigger liter engine along with the turbo which could cause catastrophic damage. I do not really need answers on doing the actual engine swap there is plenty of info on that. I am aware to buy new seals like the rear main seal and oil pan gaskets and what not. I am also going to get a new clutch plate. But any information anyone can give me would be appreciated.
    • By Tommy.
      It's been a while, (Staind, circa 2001 running through my head), didn't really lose interest in cars/the volvo lyfe, I started med school so my time perusing forums here is limited but I do miss the shenanigans and trolling.
      Picked this up a few weeks ago. Will update things/photos as they get done, bought this for a daily and so I can work on the 850 pretty regularly without worrying about not finishing things when I start them, and so I could sell my coral to my kid brother.
      2006 Electric silver/Nordkap V70R M66


      I also have about 100 pictures my father and I took throughout the weekend trip, once organized, I'll upload a link should anyone want to see them.
      Cannot say thank you enough to Tom, Nick at Re-volv, and celebrity mechanic Brandon for all the help with everything!
    • By Mase_mockup
      Hey, im looking for a good set of coilovers for my 98 v70 non-turbo or a good set of lowwering springs,not really picky on brand just need somthing good..thank