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Volvos Of Carlisle Official Thread 2012

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    • By hcaznacnud
      Hey volvospeed!
      I have just recently installed a 20T turbo, 7 cm2 turbo exhaust housing, NA intake and exhaust cams, NA throttle body and air intake, BOSCH EV14 550 cc/min injectors, and an ARD tune. I did this about two days ago now and when I finished putting everything on the car started up fine. I let the car idle for about 5 minutes, and then took the  car for a test drive. As a side note I have swapped the automatic transmission for a manual M56H transmission, this was many months ago. But, I took the car for a test drive and when I would accelerate the car would not respond to the throttle then would backfire a few times, and would then repeat a few more times before the car lost all form of power and stalled itself out. I tried turning the car over but it would only crank not start. The next day I went over a few things to see what could be causing the issue. I pulled the spark plugs out and there was not a single hint of too much fuel. I next checked the shredder valve to be sure I was getting fuel and yes I did have fuel pressure. When I installed the cams which are both from an NA car I retarded the exhaust cam to -4 degrees and the intake cam to -6 degrees. ARD recommended, -4 exhaust and -8 intake, but I thought this a bit much. Does anyone know if the cams are the problem? The only other thing I can think of is that the tune is goofed in some way. The car did start and the car idled down to a beautiful purr but after driving it, which I only did 1/4 to 1/2 throttle (hard to remember but i know the car had to adjust parameters before I really lay into it so I did not go heavy), the car backfired then stalled and will not start again. If anyone has any info they would like to share please do.
    • By Okam12
      Hey guys, 
      Recently my car has been shooting me with "reduced engine performance" and "engine system service required" Error codes. Yesterday I tried to replace the throttle body on the car thinking that was the problem. Once I tried driving it the acceleration was still the same very slow, and didn't go past 60 mph. So now I'm taking the other throttle body back since that obviously wasn't the problem. I'm wondering if its and issue with the turbo instead or even the air intake. Has anyone else had these issues? Please let me know. 
    • By JasonVonIrsik
      I have owned this amazing vehicle and as I started researching, I found that these cars make great sleeper cars.   No one wants to be taken by a grocery getter. 
      I am starting the build and want to get educated on my car. Vehicle: Grey 92 Volvo 240 Wagon. Engine 2.3L (That's all I know currently)  I have began tearing into the engine as it died on me and has been sitting for about a year now.  Shop said timing belt was busted and wanted 1,800.  I decided to do it myself.  I am mechanically inclined but far from a master mechanic.  Anyways, I welcome any and all advice.  I am going for sleeper, and will update any mods done.  I want it running first.  As you can see the belt is not busted and since the shop wouldn't return my car for almost 8 months, (Whole other story). I hope more issues have not raised.  At almost 200,000 but prior to dying it was running very well.  While I am tearing into it I want to fit it with a turbo. 
      Again I can work on stuff, but tricking out, yeah not my thing so first question would be.....Is this motor able to handle a turbo and will I have to get forged guts?  Can I keep the same fuel rail?  Cam suggestions.......So on.  Thanks and I am new to the group.............

    • By dpsubzero
      I am new to this forum and would like to ask a few questions to my fellow Volvo enthusiasts.
      I am the proud owner of my Volvo S60 T5 from 2002. Over the last year i have done a few modifications to the suspension and engine. A little while ago I've replaced the 16t turbo with a new 19t turbo for more power. The car runs fine with the new turbo but it has only seen a few miles and low rpm only as the car's ecu is not tuned yet. Before tuning I want to install the green ''r'' injectors from bosch. Only thing that is holding me back is not knowing how to ecu will respond to bigger injectors. Will it cause problems? The car obviously has to be driven to the tuner for 40 miles(tuning at rica engineering). Do I need to let the ecu self-learn to use the bigger injectors before tuning or will it be necessary to have the car towed there?
      I thank everyone in advance for replying
    • By Edgar Beshay
      Hello, I have a 2003 XC70 with the 2.5l turbo engine. I was driving down the road one day and I heard a bad knocking noise. I figured it was the rod bearings but I decided to just tear up the engine and rebuild it sorta. So I replace piston rings, rod bearings, head gasket, and exhaust gaskets. Problem is with the timing. I did follow the timing marks on the plastic cover for the intake and exhaust cams and the timing mark on the oil pump for the crankshaft and now there’s no knocking noise anymore when I attempt to start it but it doesn’t start. It cranks and act like it wants to start but it doesn’t. Brand new spark plugs and injectors are spraying fuel with a very strong fuel pump. So I came to the conclusion that it was a timing problem. So I went back took the timing belt off and I aligned al the marks but now I turned the cams clockwise such that the little play in the vvt spring would only occur if you turn the cams counterclock-wise. And I tried to start again. Same deal. Acts like it wants to start but it doesn’t. So i took the belt off again and tried it the other way around. Turned the cams ccw until they aligned such that the play in the vvt springs would only occur clockwise this time and sill doesn’t start. So I took off the sensors on the other end of the camshafts and made sure that the slots were flat horizontal with the head but still no luck. I was wondering if any could help me with any advice. I just wanna get this thing started.