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Volvos Of Carlisle Official Thread 2012

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and the wheels just keep on spinnin...


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105 was a winner and his goodies are on his way to him. Congratz ;)

First round of goodies went out.


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    • By ForeroC30
      Hey all!
      I'm interested on making my 6-speed manual C30 T5 much more fun to drive, though it has a replay nice gearbox. I was looking for short shift systems for the car but I haven't actually find anything where to buy or any brand that makes one for the car. 
      Does anyone has a short shifter in his C30, opinions, impressions. 
      Also, where can i get one!?
    • By Max Meade
      Hey guys!
      My car has been making noises in the front right strut whenever I go over bumps, so I took it to a mechanic today to get an idea of what is wrong. Unfortunately, once I got it up on the rack, it looked pretty bad. Although I used to baby my car, these days I just do not have the time to take care of it. It's starting to look like I will be paying for that now.
      I got a quote from the mechanic (attached), who says I need to replace the shock mounts, front lower control arms, drive axles, ball joints, etc. on both sides. He seems like a trustworthy mechanic and they have good reviews, but just to be safe (had a really bad experience with my last mechanic), I wanted to run it by some of you on here who have a much better idea of what I should be looking at than me. I posted some pictures of what I say under the car as well. I really just want an opinion on whether or not everything recommended is necessary, and if they prices for parts/labor is realistic. 
      Thanks everyone.

    • By ForeroC30
      Hey guys!
      Im looking forward on improving the air flow of the turbo in my 2013 C30 T5. It has a tune, decatted DP, cat back, FMIC and the KN Air Filter with the GoVo ECU Spacer.
      I actually don't want to fit a full intake system simply because I don't like the idea of moving the ECU position, though I want to find the best way to give a breath to the turbo. 
      Im considering the Elevate Intake Pipe or the Snabb Intake Pipe, I really can't decide between those two. The pricing is similar, just a little bit cheaper the elevate. 
      What do you guys know, recommend, suggest? 
      Please! I need to decide before I go back home. 
      ps; not from the US 
    • By Everett Lee
      Recently purchased 07 xc90 upon arriving home realized the awd wasn't working (steel gravel driveway. We removed haldex coupling filter and cleaned it was extremely clogged now we have a new one just haven't put it in waiting to see what codes it threw 
      took it to a mechanic hooked it up says he reset these codes a couple times and the awd works for a minute then quits working p188914 p188974 
      not sure where to go from here ....
    • By 96R
      Just installed new PCV into a S90, thought I share some step by step.  I have done this on the 850 but on the S90 it seems more complicated getting the intake manifold out because of the engine orientation.  You should take photos of everything you take apart if this is your first time so you remember how to put it back together.
      Also, the PCV parts, I noticed some volvo dealers are selling 1993 960 for less than $40 online. Looking at the diagram it appears to be the same for the S90 at a much lower price. I wished I knew before buying the parts.
      1) remove the power steering reservoir will give you more space to reach the left two bolts to take the manifold off.
          the power steering reservoir 3x 12mm bolts are behind the round pulley, there are access holes on the pulley but you also need to take the serpentine belt off.
      2) you may need to remove the thermostat housing too. (2 T-40) 
      3) open the blue cap at the end of the fuel rail, press the valve to lower fuel pressure. Gas will spill out so put a towel there.
      4) remove the throttle cable assembly (two pieces) 5x 10mm bolts.
      5) now you have room to take the fuel rail aluminum cover off, and gently pull on the fuel injectors to remove the fuel rain completely.  disconnect any cables and vacuum
          hoses that get in the way. take photos so you remember how to put it back together.
      6) remove the air filter box cover, remove the air intake snorkel, and the big plastic elbow connecting the throttle body.  Lots of wires and vacuum hoses to disconnect.  take photos before you pull that apart.
      7) now begin to remove a bunch of 10mm bolts holding the intake manifold to the block. they're on top, bottom, and one 13mm NUT  at the very bottom that's very difficult to get to by touch only.  Some of those 10mm bolts are hidden, so take a flash light and look! when they are all removed the manifold will move and you can pull it out.
      8) Once the intake manifold is out you can see your intake valves, look for any gunk built up on top of the valves and clean gently as necessary.
      9) unbolt 10mm from the PCV breather box. along with connecting vacuum hoses.  Check the vacuum tree, it has 6 ports, only one is unused with a cap. My vacuum cap was cracked with holes probably causing a vacuum leak.  Check and replace the vacuum cap and any replace any old vacuum hoses. They're cheap and local autopart store carry them.
      10) Most difficult was getting some of those 10mm bolts off the manifold, and that 13mm nut way at the bottom. There are also some space issues moving everything out of the way to get to the PCV.  Give yourself a good 5 hours because those 10mm and the 13mm can ruin your day.