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Volvos Of Carlisle Official Thread 2012

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and the wheels just keep on spinnin...


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105 was a winner and his goodies are on his way to him. Congratz ;)

First round of goodies went out.


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    • 850 Rear door speakers
      By Tommy.
      Both my rear door speakers have blown out. If anyone has a set that they would let go cheap I would appreciate it.
    • List of Performance Products you wish a company made for modern Volvos
      By Dump Umm
      Im really just interested in hearing a list of what performance products are the most common that people have to modify/make themselves that you wish a company already made that was a direct fit? Please include part or description of part and what vehicle if specific it would pertain too. Thanks 
    • Volvo 850 engine rebuild
      By V850t5r
      Thought i'd just post up a thread on what I've been tinkering with since November last year. It's an original 850 T5r from 1995 with about 350 000km on it. The engine is not the original, not sure exactly what year it is, but it's a B5234T5  "1DDDDD" block with an boring automatic lump attached to it. Car stood still for two years, fired right up, fixed a couple of things and drove it about 4 or 5 months until the engine bent a rod or two, knock knock! I suspect it being a bad tune or something, because when the engine broke the boost gauge was reading 1,7 bars and going nuts. So i let of the throttle asap but it was to late. Towed it home and started ordering parts to start this project.
      Plan is to make it an affordable, reliable Oem+ car with the right mods, keeping things tidy and clean under the hood and make it mechanically perfect. Exterior cosmetics are not getting to much attention, atleast yet. 
      Mod list: Forged rods Toga main bearings Manual swap Oem R-clutch Kinugawa 20t turbocharger with stock exhaust housing TA Technix coilovers (cheap) do88 Rip kit  Green injectors 3"all the way, downpipe w/o cat BSR open air intake New rear and front axle bushings New vacuum and coolant hoses all over Gaskets everywhere are new Catch can from eBay (not yet mounted) New steering rack with hoses HID high beam setup R-maifold Pictures to follow

      My DD and the T5r

      Let the games begin

      This nastiness won't stay for long

      Minimal wear on the cylinders, the lip on the top did not even catch my nail, its just dirty. Will ofc be honed, had a shop do this

      Standard headbolt problem... they break. Had the rest drilled out at a machine shop and helicoiled it.

      Tedious cleaning of parts, a lot of thinner and patience

      Was said this engine had about 200 000km on it. If it does it's had some sloppy oil intervals

      The only damages i could find. Results of a bent rod. Piston kisses crank, knock knock

      Booogie boogie

      Rod bearings looked pretty new, replaced them anyways ofc, however to my suprise the main bearings were done. Didnt know that was a wear item at 200 000km?

      Cylinder head getting some love

      Stupid cheap valve compressor tool scratched the walls for the hydraulic lifter cups, re honed the surface. The cup floats nicely now, hope it holds up.

      Thinner, toothbrush, gasket remover and time.. really boring but great result

      Grinding valve seats diy style with some valve grinding paste. This took so long i was watching netflix on the pc while doing this, hehe

      Reinstalling valve stem seals and valves

      More gasket remover and probably 3 hours+++ of scraping, not done in this pic

      Made the manifold shiny and stuff

      Same goes for the power steering pump and tensioner etc.

      New parts, used parts and finished parts, a nice mix

      The car is ofc waiting outside, kind of cramped in here

      Bought a parts car for the manual swap and all the other little things

      Rear engine'd 850 on stock suspension, cant even tell its there lol

      A bit of work on the gearbox and it's like new

      I believe this engine we had laying around was the original engine in this car. This one also suffered from a bent rod. I took it apart hoping to be able to use two pistons out of it so i could replace the damaged ones.

      holy stuff, there was 1cm deep crap on the bottom

      (Dont mind the height diff) If you look closely the area around the wrist pin and the wrist pin its self is not the same and valve groves (above) also differed slightly. Decided to reuse old pistons.

      While waiting on parts i decided to clean up the subframe and change a bad bushing

      Looked like this after i attacked it with a wire brush and sanding paper

      New steering rack with hoses

      Messy, but it's actually clean

      Installed HID ballast under the battery tray, stealth mode. The other one i placed inside the ecu tray, hope it doesn't disturb anything?

      Had this car for 2 years, it's a 2.2. Wanted something faster so i sold it..

      And bought my dream car, the almighty e39 m5, it goes like stink! The depo headlights are gonna go, hella's are coming.

      This is why many people and now I myself don't recommend buying toga bearings. Look at this retarded packaging! This is not candy they are selling, its an vital engine component and the decide to pack it like this?!

      Has been rubbing all the way from Tokyo or something. I did however use the toga bearings on my crank since they actually made it with insignificant damage, but these rod bearings i returned. Went the safe way and got Oem ones and why not if they last 200 000km?

      Parts started appearing so reassembly of the engine began

      Cleaned up and ready 

      A lot of prep. Never done this so i wanted to do it right the first time

      Mounted, torqued and spinning perfectly

      Grinding the ring end gaps to an even spec

      Home made ring gap grinder, looks tacky yes but it really worked. All the rings have straight cuts!

      Figured this should work okay for my setup, will be adding a catch can to support (if any) added crank case pressure

      Rod small end bore was to tight for the wrist pins. They had to get some machinig done to fit. Sent the block, pistons and rods for assembly at a machine shop

      Bought the ARD 19t upgrade kit, but changed my mind and bought a Kinugawa 20t on ebay. Reused my exhaust housing

      Sandblasted and painted

      Got the engine back and things went really fast, lacking some pics here

      R-manifold upgrade, oem


      You just have to get a engine tilt in order to do this, it is SOO much easier to maneuver. Me and my friend had the engine seated in 5 minutes

      It sits

      Looks done, but it's not. Still need to bleed the clutch, and route some vaccum lines, wires and other small things

      Started the engine yesterday for the first time (Sorry no video) and it started immediantly, however a loud ticking noise from the head was present, was expecting that since the oil channels has to fill up so I fearlessly let it run and hoped for it to go away. The Car ran for a bit while i was listening to another interesting noise coming from the timing belt. While studying it i noticed that the ticking had gone away and all i could hear was that sweet mechanical harmony from the head. No ticking or strange noises what so ever. The timing belt noise was the timing belt tensioner that i reused, seems like it did not survive. A new one is on it's way. The belt was moving sideways on the cogs back and forth, lucky it didn't jump off. After this is fixed i will have the wheels alligned and get the "mot" done so i can have my plates and drive off wherever. 
      One last thing, i need a good tune/remap/chip i really have little knowledge on the difference, but i need a custom tune that is specific for my setup.
      Any advice? I know ARD has, but i'm located in Norway so i'd like something that's closer. A little worried to run this ecu since i suspect i might have something to do with the bent rods and overboost etc. 
      That's all I have for now
    • Art's 242 Build thread
      By Bonus Lane Man
      Figured since this turned from a simple +T to something bigger, I'll start a thread about it.
      Some backstory first.
      It's a 1984 242 DL with roughly 200K miles.
      Picked it up last year sometime in August from a Turbobricker in Indiana. Pretty much rust free, Arizona car with faded paint job. It wasn't running at that time. Turns out it needed a new fuel pump.
      $1100 later it was mine!

      It needed some TLC also.

      So I bought a polisher and went to town

      Then I parked it in the garage for winter and started driving it when all the snow was gone in the Midwest. And that's when the problems started

      It left me stranded on my way to work, so I decided it was time to slap a turbo on it.
      So the teardown started

      RMS was leaking, replaced with new seal and gasket

      Cleaned up the trans

      Started cleaning the engine, it was dirty as FUCK

      Welded oil return to the oil pan

      Tapped the oil feed

      Painted some bit and pieces

      And somewhat assembled

      Replaced all the seals, gaskets, etc. 
      Drilled and tapped for CPS sensor

      Power steering bracket with AC deleted

      Stage 4 clutch

      Old steering rack was leaking, that's why everything was covered in Power Steering fluid

      New rack installed

      K24 Rebuild kit

      Back in!

      K24 teaser

      Wiring done with new LH2.4 harness

      That sums it up for now. Need the turbo balanced, and piece the rest of the parts that should be arriving this week.
    • Thank You VS
      By S8ET6
      Sometimes VS does something, or provides something, or somehow/someway makes your day better.
      This is the thread to say thank you.
      So, thank you VS for taking my mind off of the crappy shit I dealt with this week.