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Volvos Of Carlisle Official Thread 2012

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and the wheels just keep on spinnin...


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105 was a winner and his goodies are on his way to him. Congratz ;)

First round of goodies went out.


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    • By ahmedsuperman
      Beautiful! :) Hello everyone
      so i just got this 142,000 s40 2.4i. its been maintained to the dot, everything seems perfect....
      the car has been sitting on the lot for about 3-6 months. So i filled up with premium gas n was on my way. 
      In Between stops with the car in D (0 mph) to acceleration 0-25~mph the car sometimes hiccups and delays power.....literally thinks but the engine is not revving and the peddle is being depressed.
      I almost got into a huge accident earlier due to this happening and my ob2 isn't pulling the codes! ARGGGGG!!!
      Thankfully i manually found the code 020. What does this stand for??!!?! 
      Please let me know if anyone can identify this 020 code, I can't find anything online.
      PS: the screen showed "Engine System Service Urgent" with a red (!) but the check engine light is OFF!!!!
      I'm guessing its the ECU or fuel filter or somethin....
      Appreciate the help :)
    • By UNATCO
      Hi Guys & Gals,
      Parting out my 1989 Volvo 780 Bertone Turbo+. The Radio/EQ and associated components have been sold, but that's it so far.
      Anything that you're interested in, feel free to drop me a line. I'm located in Clearwater, FL and can ship. Thanks.
    • By Max Meade
      Hey everyone!
      My front passenger door lock is no longer working. The lock pin appears to be locked, but the door is still openable from the outside, which sets of the alarm. Definitely not great in terms of security because the door can be opened from the outside regardless of whether or not the door is locked or not. I saw one other forum post,, with the same problem, and someone replied, saying that they were able to permanently lock the door from the outside so it is only openable from the inside. Does anyone know how to do this? I am also interested to know if it is the lock actuator that needs to be replaced, or something else, but I am totally for a "fix it for now" solution as I am tight on money.
    • By Über855R
      Hello all. Haven't been on in a while but thought I would jump I n to call in some support from the community for a good friend of mine. He is trying to get a new business off the ground building custom models. He is very good at detail work and an honest/kind guy. We have discussed making custom Volvo 850 models and he is interested in creating some for people who are willing to pay for custom work. 
      For it now he is running a gofundme campaign to get started. Think about contributing a few bucks or a few hundred depending on your finances and putting a good guy in a place to make custom Volvo models in the near future. I want to have him make me an 850R that looks just like mine. 
      Here is the link:
    • By bowtiekilla02
      I'm aquiring 4 sets of the 9133105 euro spec double bulb assembly for the euro spec corner lights.  These are only the part that plugs in the back of the corner lights.  They are really hard to find and Volvo does not offer them on the United States.  If you want a set let me know.  Price is $100 shipped conus. 
      Thanks for looking