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Gold Membership Carlisle Bonus Offer

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I cheated on all the customs forms. I used the same one for all the canadian packages. Thats what they get for making me pay 28 dollars to mail 13oz. Canadian bastards :P Gift card should be active and have money on it. Just use it like a credit card. You can even reload it if you want.


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o ok fair enough, i guess the pulley makes up for it anyway aha much appreciated again!


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Lovely note with mine:


:lol: thanks Chuck


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    • Call me stupid but...
      By Wesdunns70t5m
      Where is Carlisle?  I live in Maryland and always assumed it was on the west coast, but one of my friends made a Facebook status saying "looks like I won't be able to make it to Carlisle" which leads me to believe it's a lot closer.
    • Carlisle 2015 Pics
      By andyb5
      A couple shots from the way down

      Friday night at the show
      How Hussein spent a great time of his weekend - answering questions about the XR.

      My wagon, at the end of the row next to Mike and Mike's wagons, across from Anthony's and Gabe's R, and Matt's C30.

      Anthony's (apeacock) wagon

      My buddy Matt's (babyclaude) C30

      Mike's beautiful R

      Mike's Saff

      No idea who either of these cars belong to, but they're both an awesome color - Autumn Gold and 427 Grey

      MWC Gabe's R - great meeting you Gabe!

      Will's laser R - I swear all the lasers had Jewels this year.  No pictures but Neubar and Chris both had them on theirs too!

      The EST tent with Frank's R and Ryan's T5-R

      Ryan's T5-R is beyond clean.  His manual swap used all new parts, even a new M56!

      Mike's T5-R and Dan's R - again, both are immaculately clean.

      The guys from the Re-Volv crew.

      Left to right, Stevo's S70 T5M, Ben's S60 T5M, Jim's Flashicama R, and the VR Nick drove down.
      Jim's R

      What's lurking back there....?

      A ballbearing Precision turbo with an external wastegate!  3" downpipe to an IPD oval-tube exhaust sounds great.

      Ben's S60 also has a few goodies hidden under the hood

      It starts with a Snabb big FMIC; and there's more.....  

      Continues to a larger intake plenum for the stock manifold helps at higher boost levels and higher RPMs.

      And it ends with a Precision turbo with an external wastegate and screamer pipe to a custom 3" turboback.  It sounds amazing in person!
      Dan's (DDM) S70 R tribute - it has a lot of work done, but unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to meet Dan

      Signatures of the guys who helped with the work on the car.  

      Love how many people are running projector retrofits (even if mine is currently MIA) instead of HIDs in the stock buckets.

      Tizio's S70.  In addition to the BF-G racing slicks, Tiz had some pretty trick details on the bumpers.  He added a lip to the front bumper, and a diffuser-type piece to the rear bumper.

      Phil's 850

      Another car I didn't get to meet the owner of, but I loved the dual exhaust on this T5

      Larry's crazy R.  The plate speaks volumes.

      When he sets it to kill-mode, he runs ~35 PSI!!!  I thought it was very interesting that he swapped to an NA intake manifold.  I've only seen one other turbo ME7 car do this.

      Speaking of fast cars, Quentin's T5-R was awesome.  This used to be Maciek's car.

      Justins S70 T5 with D2s, racing sets, etc.

      One of my favorite details of any car at the show, all the engine bay plastic covers were color-matched to the body.

      This very clean S60 R had CCWs and KWs

      Parked next to it was this super cool S40.  

      I'd even describe it as a sleeper, given that I walked right by it and didn't notice it until the carbon hood caught the sun just right.  Coilovers, BBK, beautifully crafted upholstered gauge pod (sorry no better pics, lighting was wrong) and I'm sure there's more I was missing.  Apparently there is quite the story behind the CF hood.  It came from Art's (Bonus Lane Man) old S40, and is apparently the only one left in existence.

      Mike's (mynameideasweretaken) C30

      A veteran of more than few runs down the Dragon

      Onto some redblocks:
      This beautiful 242 Group A tribute

      Love the spoiler

      I believe this was Phil's but I might be wrong.  Either way it's unbelievably clean

      5.0 swap with some cool vintage wheels

      Next up, this beautiful P1800 ES.

      From what I understood, it was the one Seinfeld drove in "Comedians in Cars getting Coffee"

      Some Saturday night shots at the pavillion with some wagon friends

      Chris's laser is beautiful, I wish my wagon was this clean!

      Mike's C30 (white) and AJ's (blue)

      And a whole crew of C30s

      And why Carlisle is awesome - the people behind the cars

    • Canadia/Western NY/Ithaca Caravan to Carlisle 2015
      By Timbo Slice
      Thought I'd arrange this caravan for anyone who is interested. I will more than likely be in Rochester, NY on Friday, May 15th and would like to catch the guys from GTA/Canada and WNY. On the way down, depending on what route you guys would choose to take, we could also pick up the Ithaca guys if they're interested. Here are the tentative routes:
      Meet in Buffalo, take 219 south through Ellicottville, NY and Bradford, PA. Then continue on through Bumfuck, PA. This is nice because of the mountains and relatively smooth drive through some nice passes. I know this area very well from attending Pitt Bradford for 2 years and always driving 219.

      And then there's this one, which I would much prefer. It's a bit longer but it'd give us the ability to head through Ithaca. I love this drive because you get all the highway out of the way at the beginning (I90 East to Geneva) and then it's just amazing roads along Cayuga Lake to Ithaca, and then on from there. I know this area equally as well from my time spent in the Finger Lakes and it really is a fantastic route.

      So that's about it! Let me know if you're interested in joining and we can use this thread to get all the times and a solidified route planned.
      1. Timo
    • Carlisle 2014- Grill N' Chill Funding/organization
      By Volvo_go_go
      As you all know by know, the Carlisle Import And Kit Nationals is in just 9 weeks!!!!

      As den mother of all you Lost Boys, I am organizing the Volvos At Carlisle Grill And Chill for 2014.
      Donations can be made through a GoFundMe at: will go to cover the cost of.... The grill rental Beer for the BRICKERATOR Volvos at Carlisle swag Other party favors, tent decor, and more! Join the conversation on the facebook page: the facebook page, I will be providing.... ...the most 'up to date' plans. ...polls on what kind of foods, beer, ect. you would like to see. ....most importantly, what is currently on the grill, and when meals will be served. I decided to make this a full blown Volvo event, as last year I was really touched (not physically, THANKS) by all the help and support I got from the community as a whole when my car was sitting broken on the show field. It's cool to have a main club and all, but meeting and hanging out with people outside the club is also great.

      SO...please donate, spread the word, and show your support!

      Some fun notes about plans for this year.....
      We will have 3 or 4 different beers in the BRICKERATOR this year There will be official "Volvos at Carlisle" wristbands to show your support of this special group, and to show you supported the donation fund! (Donations and wristbands will also be given on site) We have some corporate sponsors this year for funds and GIVEAWAYS! Details to come The Dyno this year is a 2wd twin 8.5" roller, so it will be Volvo compatible as long as your aren't too low!
    • ***to All Of You Who Helped Someone Battle Cancer***
      By Volvo_go_go
      Now that I have ALL of your attention....
      Some of you may know that LAST WEEK I lost my Grandmother to liver cancer,
      Three years ago I lost my Uncle John to AML, a SECONDARY cancer,
      and I'm sure you all have your own stories, battles, and pain...

      This weekend I met a great person at Carlisle who so selflessly stepped up to help fix my car, collect parts, and didn't ask twice or hunt for 'thank yous'. I learned he even drove all the way from Canada with his bike on the roof to promote his 124 mile ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls (June 8-9th) to raise money for cancer treatments.

      MY BIRTHDAY is in three weeks, and I'd be more than grateful for my friends and family to DONATE in my Grandmother's or Uncle's (or your own loved ones') name to Rawad Teh Molasses's ride, and get him to his $2,500 goal for his epic ride.