Andy's 1999 V70 R

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Thanks for the kind words, and welcome to Volvospeed!

There are a few people who have privately messaged me about the headlights; so unfortunately you're a little late :sad: That being said, they're a huge improvement in light output (and look better) than the stock headlights. They're an awesome, easy to do, upgrade.

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Guess it's officially broken in now:

Here's the story behind my new-to-me 1999 V70 R. Its gonna be a long post, and picture heavy too! After wanting a P80 VR for a couple years, and finally being able to graduate from driving my paren

Thanks man, I truly appreciate the kind words! The new project will be a pseudo-continuation of this one. Lots of parts will be exchanged between the 2 wagons and my plan will effectively continue but

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Customized the loading screen on my Pioneer headunit. Maybe kinda corny but I really like it 


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On ‎3‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 6:05 PM, Ol' Dirty Noodle said:

I mean my lock screen is a pic of my dick

He said "corny" not "horny", Kyle. Gosh.

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So, yesterday's storm gave me the opportunity to finally find out how much snow it takes to get this car stuck:


Made it about 100 yards down our unplowed alley with ~12" of snow.  The snow got so deep it was over the hood about 15 yards into the alley. I was moving along just fine until I hit a pile where someone had shoveled out their car and dumped all the snow in the middle of the alley...


I love this car.  It made it 160 miles without a hiccup in the blizzard, including plowing my way out of the untouched parking lot at the ski area to applause from all the people nearby clearing their cars off.  A newer RAV4 with AWD and snow tires parked in the space next to me got stuck after backing out of the spot and gave up until I cleared the way out.

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love the first pic haha - nice work

my gti and my wifes gli are a joke in the snow


still want an 07xc70 with r goodies - that would be a sweet snowmobile too!

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They're Volvo cross rails - my parents bought the roof box and rails from the dealership after buying our 98 V70 NA new. I even have a tool to tighten them to spec that has Volvo stamped on it, I'll post a pic of that in a bit. 

3 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

love the first pic haha - nice work

my gti and my wifes gli are a joke in the snow


still want an 07xc70 with r goodies - that would be a sweet snowmobile too!

Thanks. I was laughing my ass off when I saw the size of the snow pile I made.

Put a badswede lift kit on that 07 XC and you'd have a perfect snow vehicle!

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You are pretty low, im honestly surprised you made it that far haha! As for me, I don't even want a lifted one... or lowered. Stock height is perfect. Sways and fresh mounts, that's it!

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22 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

You are pretty low, im honestly surprised you made it that far haha! As for me, I don't even want a lifted one... or lowered. Stock height is perfect. Sways and fresh mounts, that's it!

AWD helps for sure, but most of the credit is due to the General Altimax Arctics.  I swear by these things, they grip like crazy.  General should give me a commission with how many sets I've sold to friends/family.

20 hours ago, Timbo Slice said:

Leave the suspension alone, give it an R engine and drivetrain. That's my dream with an 06 OR XC70, but I've been coming up short.

Nice work Andy! Hope all is well!

Thanks Timo! Hope you're doing well too bro.  I'll have to keep an eye out for an Ocean Race XC70 for you, that'd be a super cool project.

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On 3/15/2017 at 9:19 AM, tuner4life said:

quick question completely unrelated, but what roofrack cross bars are those? They look different than the oem.

They are actually Thule bars, just branded for Volvo.  

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Time for an update.  A few weeks back I hit a jeep, and further messed up the front of my car:


Threw a stock headlight and ABM turn signal on while I assessed my options for fixing the damage.  


Ultimately, it needs a new headlight, turn signal, radiator core support, hood, and passenger fender to get back to the condition it was in prior the accident.  On top of that, it desperatly needs new front and rear bumpers, a rust spot on the tailgate fixed, and a bunch of paint work on the passenger side to fix where it had been poorly repainted in the past (prior to my ownership) to be in good enough cosmetic shape that I'd be happy with it.

So, with my dissatisfaction with the cosmetic shape of the car ever increasing, I did some quick math and realized just how much money it would take to get this wagon to a cosmetic state where'd I'd be proud of it again.  I'd been contemplating buying another wagon to modify and move parts over to for the last 6 months to a year, and ultimately, it will end up costing less money and give me the opportunity to start fresh and avoid some stupid mistakes I'd made in the process of building this car.  So sadly, this decision marks "the end" of this project.  Odometer photo is from earlier this week:


Here's a photo from the first night I brought it home (December 23, 2011)


And from last weekend (May 7, 2017):


So after five and a half years and over 70,000 miles, there have been plenty of ups and downs, and everything in between, but in the end, it's been a great car that is responsible for nearly everything I know about cars today.  I'll miss it but I'm very excited for the future.

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    • By ksb
      Our much beloved V70R (~110K miles) overheated on a family trip from Oakland to LA this week.  It now sits at a dealer/service station waiting either for us to pour more money into it than we can afford right now, or for you to come and pick it up.  Asking $1500, OBO.  Then you can either fix the thermostat (and possibly head gasket) yourself, or part it out.
      We are the original owners, with complete service records.  Right before this trip, it had a regular service and new front brakes done (but, ugh, not the thermostat).
      Needs to happen by Weds July 8, in Los Angeles. Paypal, Venmo works.
      (1st side facing pic is from this week, dash board & down facing pic from last year.)

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      A7737.pdfA7610.pdfA7608.pdfWanted 1998 V70R driver door interior panel. Interior code 3866.A0636.pdf
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      99’ V70R wagon for sale best offer. Black with tan interior. 159K. Timing belt @ 111k, head rebuilt @ 128k. New heater core and radiator. Rebuilt rear driveline @ 130k but now removed because it started to vibrate. ABS light is on and abs is non-functional. Nice interior and no dents on exterior. Located in 83422. Text me for pics.. Shane, two 08 31three 9zero46
    • By KMF
      Hi im new to this forum and this is my first post.
      i have a V70r 1999 
      there seems to be difficult to find a gearbox replacement 1208943. Reason for replacement is the gears are slipping when the atf is hot. I want to rebuild it but instead of taking down the one on the car I’m looking for one used I can rebuild and swap with the one on the car.
      my questions is: can i use other gearboxes F.ex 1208942 from xc70? 
      Does anybody here know What might be wrong with the one i have? No DTCs!
      Does anybody have A 1208943 they might wanna sell? Or maybe 8111193..
      other things I can do except flush as I just did that? 12l jws3309+treatments+leakstop
      where is the Volvo race mechanics ? 😅

    • By 05V70RGT
      A slightly neglected but making a comeback, 70R that is just itching to find a motivated owner. Nearly every month, we all read, or hear about, another R selling for CRAZY money. This particular R is NOT crazy money. It's reasonable money. $4000.00 and who knows, it may be even cheaper. What I would REALLY be interested in, is a TRADE. STRAIGHT ACROSS. CAR FOR CAR. 
      MINE; 2005 VOLVO V70R ONE OF 674
      190,000. Mostly fwy commute miles silver paint with the typical Gobi colored leather. Yes, it would be nice if it were flash green with Atacama but it's not. Clean title, never been involved in any significant accidents. NO panel has been repainted. Has a few of the typical umps and bruises but nothing big. Interior is Gobi leather and is a little tired. CaR starts easily, idles nicely, revs like a pissed off banshee,  has a working 4C system, all three settings, NO CHECK ENGINE LITE, NO codes other than ignition ring and rear wiper motor. 
      Automatic trans with a new, Quality replacement, valve body including all eight shift solenoids. New, not ebay Chinese "reman" solenoids as well as all new proper transmission fluid. I have set adaptation thru VIDA only to find out that the VIN LOCKED TCU is probably "bricked" and needs a XEMODEX replacement.  APPROXIMATELY  $499.95  I just don't want to deal with it as I have other cars and projects in various stages of completion and have no room. 
      If I were to keep it, I would absolutely do an M66 Install as this conversion alone seems to make people go mad and throw huge amounts of cash at owners. 
      If I had the room I'd strip it bare and make it a 6 speed track only car with full cage etc.
      Yours; 95-97 855R  prefer red but any R color would work. Needs to be in reasonably decent condition. NO SALVAGED TITLE. Must run. NO more than 2 years out for tags. I understand how old they are and how crappie the interior plastic is now so I won't freak about a cracked or broken interior. PLEASE,  NO TOTAL POS CARS BUT SOME ISSUES ARE EXPECTED 
      Interested? Let me know what you're thinking and maybe we can make something happen