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Andy's 1999 V70 R

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Yea me too, I'm worried more about the stock brakes and transmission. Andy would you recommend using a tow dolly on a stock fwd turbo wagon to tow other fwd Volvo's?

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Thanks for the kind words guys!

Towing was fine, I pulled it ~3 hours home on a combo of backroads and highways with plenty of hills for good measure. On that trip, my wagon was loaded up with 3 passengers, a couple hundred pounds of tools/spares, and towing a car. I got 18 MPG (calculated by mileage driven/fuel consumed) and I was pretty happy with that, given I'm AWD, and have sticky 235s adding to the rolling resistance.

The biggest concern I had going into the trip was stopping power. My wagon had 302s with fairly well worn and unknown pads at the time, and while stopping took some effort and definitely a good ways more than normal, I never felt any fade or was in danger of brake failure. I gave myself tons of space to stop, and kept the trans locked in the lowest gear possible to take advantage of any engine braking I could. The trans was fine, no issues whatsoever.

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Unfortunately, M66 couldn't happen before Carlisle due to time constraints.  So as a "consolation prize" I threw some CX Racing coilovers at it to replace my factory (182,xxx miles) struts.  They're a huge improvement, and I really haven't spent much time to dial them in yet.  A more-in depth list of my thoughts and impressions can be found here:


Fresh paint on the (formerly gold) STI wheels: 


R-bumper and Tomcat lip back on


How it sat at Carlisle


Front wheels are nearly flush at et34 with 235s


M66 sits, waiting.  The swap getting delayed allowed time for my PDV upgraded collar gear to be delivered.  That is good news, because I won't have to deal with swapping collar gears in the car, instead I can install it before the trans goes in.  Before the manual swap happens I'm rebuilding a spare cylinder head to deal with leaky front cam seals and worn valve stem seals so I know the car is 100% ready for Stevo to tune.


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Nice to have a stronger bevel gear collar - I wasn't aware of that product. I would consider it an essential part for a performance build, for sure.

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When I bought the car 3+ years ago, the front intake cam seal was seeping a little bit and it smoked on a cold start because the exhaust valve stem seals were leaking oil into the exhaust ports.  Plus, cylinder 2 had a pretty good exhaust leak between the head and manifold.  I had no desire to deal with fixing any of these on the car, so I rebuilt a spare cylinder head I got from Ian Carr a couple years ago and installed it a few weeks ago.

With the exception of having a machine shop glass-bead and hot-tank the head to clean the oil sludge out, I'm proud to say I did all the work on this job.  It was somewhat intimidating beforehand but now that I've done it, it really wasn't too bad.  I did all the teardown/re-assembly in my living room




Old head on the way out:



Cleaning the pistons and mating surfaces



Installed an R-manifold I picked up from Semir a while back 


And slapped a Forge CBV (thanks Tommy!) on while the turbo was out


Took this opportunity to make my life a bit easier and install a Xemodex ETM while the intake manifold was off the car


New OEM HG with the early style coolant ports.  Neither of my 99 B5234T heads had any cracks around the spark plugs 


Both the factory head I took off the car and the rebuilt head are hydraulic lifter heads with 7mm valve stems, as is to be expected from an early RN head


Finished product looking good.  


Put everything back on, and the car fired right up, no leaks or issues related to the head swap so the M66 is up next! :D

Edit: forgot to add the results from the compression test after I replaced the head:

1 - 173

2 - 165

3 - 167

4 - 170

5 - 171

Less than a 5% difference - not bad for a motor with 185,000 miles it. I am ecstatic with those numbers. 

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Looking good Andy! Hope the forge treats you well!

Edited by Tommy.
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That is awesome. Ha, that is a great idea because I need to do the same thing.

Can't argue when everything comes together and just works, great job!

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Started the M66 swap over the weekend.  

One perk of having a lift - simply pick the car up off the motor, transmission, and subframe :D 


Removed the angle gear, auto trans, flexplate/torque converter, etc.


New OEM RMS installed - a 4" PVC drain grate from Home Depot worked perfectly as a drift. 


I'm using a single mass flywheel, Sachs SD-693 clutch and an 850 R pressure plate.  


And started getting the M66 ready to go back in.  

Shaved the webbing to allow easier removal of the drives axle


Got the original collar gear removed.  It was not easy.  4+ hours of work and countless failed attempts with all manner of tools.  I ended up cutting a hole through the gear with a cutoff wheel, then used an air hammer to drive it out while heating the collar with a torch and pulling with a pair of vice grips.  A huge thank you to Semir (d s50r) for helping me with this.


Cleaned the splines on the transmission output gear.


A few months back I bought a PDV high strength collar gear.  It comes with all the necessary seals and grease needed to install it.  I started the gear with a rubber mallet, then used a press to drive it the rest of the way.



Went to install the trans bracket Hussein made, but found a slight modification will be needed - P2 M66s this boss is not tapped, but on a P1 M66, it comes tapped to M12x1.75 and I have to enlarge the bolt hole on the bracket.  I didn't have the correct drill bit with me last night, so that's the first thing I'll take care of tonight.


I don't have pictures, but the brake/clutch pedal, shift cables, and clutch master cylinder are installed too.  Dash has been trimmed for the shifter, I just need to grab some different bolts to secure that in place.

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Coming along nicely Andy. 

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This is awesome!  Grats on the 6 speed swap.  I started a turbo swap last weekend, and have decided it's just time to do the manual as well.  What are you doing for tuning?

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was there a 'felt side' on that RMS you used?  if so it is supposed to be on the outside   

I second this!

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Jay & Lucas, thanks  for the kind words.  I'm having Stevo tune the car - he's tuned his old S60 R, his S70 T5, Tom Long's 00 R, Bmac's S60 T5, Timo's S60 R, etc.  

was there a 'felt side' on that RMS you used?  if so it is supposed to be on the outside   


I second this!

Shit.  There was a felt outside to the one I removed, but I honestly don't remember if there was felt on the seal I installed.  I'd rather not re-do this in the future, so I guess I'm gonna go buy another seal at the dealership ($40) after work today

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      1999 V70 R - Needed a VS build thread.

      Wagon is a Canadian, originally tested by a rental car company and thankfully for me was rejected. Purchased in 2012 I'm the third owner. Vehicle thad a full service history that would put other anal Volvo owners to shame.

      Mods list run down

      Ohlins Road holding kit Front - Rebuilt by PSI, Performance Shock Inc in California.
      Ohlins Road holding kit Rear 
      TME Awd Springs -
      IPD Front 25mm Sway bar
      IPD Rear Bar
      IPD Strut tower brace
      Solid-ish Top engine mount
      Poly Firewall Mount.
      Ceika 330mm large 6pot Front set  -Street Grey Pads
      Porsche 330mm 4pot rear brakes  - Textar Porsche 996 Pads
      Stev0 Tune running 20-24
      BW EFR 7064 Turbo Smart CBV and Dual port wastegate
      Snabb Reverse intercooler piping kit
      Custom Inlet tube mated to 3.5" maf housing
      VR exhaust manifold - Milled Flat to fit T3 Turbo
      Custom DP from Aaron
      Magnaflow rear mufflers
      Do88 intercooler -
      Do88 Rad

      Borbet LV5 with Bridgestone Potenzas.

      Many thanks to Bmac,Steve, Hussein, and anyone else for answering the endless questions.
      Day 01:
      Car came with its drive shaft pre-removed but included. 12 total wheels and tires, a brand new set of R mats in the volvo box, and a stack of service receipts totaling 26,000 CAD.

      Purchased at 121,000 miles currently 152k on everything.

      March 2014 - Acquired many nice parts through the winter. Met Bmac and got everything installed and then had Steve tune it the same evening. Long day but everything has held together like new since then.
      Snabb kit was a oh yeah! to install, lower pipe need to sit just right to make it all work.

      18" of space was nice but we almost needed more.

      Clamshell was not surprisingly rusted closed.

      ugly ugly welds but it went in perfectly. Did require cutting the old downpipe to clear the angle gear.

      Bens BIG turbo

      Manifold and turbo and exhaust removed.

      Nice new nuts and reused the washers.

      Huge difference in design.

      Sway bars are such a nice improvement on this car
      Reused a front bar from VS, rear can be had new without buying the set (just ask)

      Practice Safe Turboing

      May '14

      Tint and Clear Bra - No surprise it doesn't show up in pictures. The Tint Shop of Rochester NY did a great job. Happy to protect the newly painted front end. (barely visible below)

      'Winning' Only two volvos that weekend so I can't be too happy.

      Summer 2014
      Fitting some poly bushings to rattle my fillings out.

      Sticker from the EST customer bbq day

      Nice little paint job under the hood

      Nothing Special but it does the job

      March 2015
      Prep the Front shocks for service
      Found a guide form what what i can't believe is 10 years ago. Thankfully the pictures are still up
      Had to get a offset box wrench but it was really the only tool for the job.

      Rear set still brand new in box. Really excited to get this all in and be on the road

      Not sure if VS works this way but Saving this space for suspension and brakes when they go on.
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      Tryna do some work on my '98 V70R, the timing belt is from 2006 I think, rear brakes are sitting at 10% (So sayeth the local mechanic).
      Gonna pick up the Power Stop Z23 Performance D/S Rotor and pad kit. Couldn't find any note in the service records of the rear calipers ever being replace, (and the first guy who had this car put nearly 18 grand into it) does it need to be done? 
      Also is this timing belt a problem? From what I've read, if it breaks, its a bad time :(
      Thanks all in advance. Pretty green to mechanic-ing
      Oh shitters, I posted it twice. Off to a bad start