Tuner4Life's 1998 Saffron C70 Progress Thread


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Very nice! I like that there are a few of these cars around, not very many lol, but a few.

I would love to swap in a manual, but it is the last thing on my list as of now. I am spending all my $ this summer just trying to get to a solid stage 0.5. It would be sweet though!

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I decided to spruce things up a bit under the hood while it was all apart, so I sanded/polished the cam cover and thermostat housing. I still need to do the fuel rail, intake manifold, etc... but I did the parts that I had to to for now to get it put back together. Finished these pieces late last night, my fingers hurt like hell from sanding.




I figure it might also be a good time to throw these in as well:


It's slowly getting there.

Where do you people get those sweet carbon fiber spark plug covers, throttle cable covers, etc..?

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Alright, so it's back together and we drove it around on Saturday. It still needs an alignment pretty bad, but despite that drove/rode pretty good. (Horribly dirty in these pics)


p><p> 07165201.jpg

Here's where things started to go wrong. I noticed that during medium/heavy acceleration there is a vibration (almost a shaking) coming from the front of the car. It is pretty bad. I first blamed it on the the bad alignment, but it only does it under significant acceleration, which rules out tires, wheels, and most suspension parts. I checked the front end over and as far as I can tell nothing is loose. I did see a lot of grease leaking from the outer most boot of my "just replaced" O'reilly reman pass side C/V axle. I also can grab the outer half of the shaft and there is play (up and down not just in/out) where the outer shaft goes into the cup on the inner shaft. Is it normal to have play like that? I'm going to replace the axle under warranty this week and see if that fixes the shaking problem. Also, don't get a trans output shaft from O'reillys either, It has an extra "dust boot" looking thing on it and it sticks out too far and really doesnt fit very good. I thought it was going to be ok, but it is leaking like crazy to I'll be picking up an oem seal when the axle gets replaced.

Also there is something leaking around the turbo area, havent looked into it too much yet, but it seemed noteworthy while I was under there. I am starting to get frustated with this thing. It seems that whenever I fix a whole bunch of stuff, a whole bunch more stuff starts falling apart. I'm really close to just pulling the whole drivetrain and replacing/resealing everything at once. :wacko:

Second pic didnt work first time around...


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Got the axle out and warrantied out at O'reilly last night. The boot had a cut in it right by the clamp. I dont believe that the axle is causing the shaking though because I discovered a loose inner tie rod end while taking it all apart.. Ugh.. I'll be getting new inner/outer tie rods and boots, and control arms... Here we go again...

Oh, and no parts store seems to be able to get the correct pass side trans output seal. So I ordered one from the dealer... We'll see if that one fits and doesnt leak.

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Cam cover looks awesome B)

And keep up the hard work. It sucks when new problems come up right after you spent a bunch of time and money fixing something else, but eventually you will run out of things to fix and your car will be problem free for a long time. I went through the same thing on my car after replacing the motor. Put in 1 motor, had a crack in the block; put in another motor, broke the auto transmission in the process of installing it, got a new auto transmission and then blew the headgasket in the 2nd motor; ... The story doesn't end there, but I'm sure you get my point. The end result is that I have an extremely reliable car that won't need anything for a long time. Definitely worth it in the end :).

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The entire front suspension is now new. I am still hearing some squeaks and groans, but I think it is just everything settling.

Got a prelim alignment and drove it around. I have missed driving this thing.


And a neat pic I snapped last night in the rain.


It still needs some work, but I think it is suitable to drive for now.

The n/a cams and V70R ecu make a very noticable difference!

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