Tuner4Life's 1998 Saffron C70 Progress Thread


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And back at home:


Wife got in it after work last night, turned the key and nothing, not even a click. I was 40 min away, and after having her do all I could think of over the phone, decided to just call a tow. Really wish they would have brought a rollback, but the guy was very careful and nothing was damaged. It was late last night by the time I got to look into it, but It definitely won't even crank. All positions if the ignition switch seem to work like they should, but it just won't crank. The think that gets me is that when the key is turned to "start", the dome lights don't even dim at all. I can hear a quiet relay click when I try to start it, but nothing.

At first I thought it could be the PNP switch, but I tried running the shifter back and forth from P to 1 and back to P probably 20 times and still nothing. It hasn't had working reverse lights since we bought it, so maybe it could still be the problem?

Also, obviously, it could just be the starter itself, I was gonna try tapping on it, but it is about impossible to get to. I was planning on pulling the manifold off and polishing it this winter anyways, I'll just pull the starter and have it tested/rebuilt while I'm at it.

I tried making sure that it wasn't the alarm by unlocking the car with the keyfob, and still nothing.

I'll dive into it the next evening I have off, yee ha.

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Could also be the electrical portion of the ignition or the B cable to the battery which has a tendency to experience corrosion by now with this model year.

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lexus, 2jz swap?...my buddy had a 1gen gs300 with a 2jz and 66trim turbo

Not swapped, It's the original n/a 2jz with a turbo setup installed. Cute little t61 for now. It is one of less than 20 RSP blue/black int. sc300s made in 1997, so it's definitely my baby. Still debating future plans for it, need to finish the other projects before I open the financial floodgates on that one.

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Well, it ended up being the starter itself. New parts are on order. Thanks everyone.

I'm really considering polishing the intake manifold while it's off so it'll match the cam cover. Also going to replace as many vacuum hoses as I can get to with silicone while I'm in there because I found several that were hard and cracking.

Nothing really to note so far except the horrible dirty engine block... I'll have to clean that up too..




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Was busy most of the weekend, but found enough time to polish the fuel rail and cover. I an going to use black pinstripe in the 3 grooves, otherwise it's done.



Next, I'm going to start on the intake manifold, had to strip some crappy silver paint off first... All the further I got this weekend.


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And installed!!



And in typical fashion with this car, I fix something, something else breaks... It has a new starter and polished bits, and now the CEL is on for the Idle Air Controller... Ugh... I think maybe some cleaner got into it or something and killed it. Who knows. A new one is on order...

On a positive note though, I fixed the clunk in the front end.. It seems that nut that connects the lower end of the right side sway bad link had worked it's way loose.. I pulled both sides and reassembled with loctite. Problem solved!

Slowly making progress with this thing.

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