Tuner4Life's 1998 Saffron C70 Progress Thread


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IAC's like a little cleaning every now and then. Another thing you'll polish ?

I love what you're doing with this car. I wouldn't lose sleep if you decided to lose the blue hoses, but that's just me.

The 3 black lines on the fuel rail cover in Saffron. You know you want to, you know you do....


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In this thread here:

I figured out that it was actually the stopper that keeps the TB from closing all the way got knocked out of adjustment and making it idle high, on top of a TPS that was going out. Both issues are fixed now and it is running great!

I was on the fence about the blue hoses, but pretty much all IPD's silicone hose kits are in blue, and according to my wife, (technically, it's her car), blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel so they go well together or something.. I will say, I do like it a lot more in person than I thought I would.

Doing the 3 lines on the rail in Saffron is a pretty good idea! I hadn't thought of that... I'll have to look into getting some touch up paint made.

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Not too much to document at this point. I took the end links off and it still creaks when turning the wheels, so I'll be going through the front struts again using IPD bits.

it is currently parked for the winter, I'm just stockpiling parts that I will install at the beginning of spring.


So far, drilled/slotted rotors and ceramic pads and a new power antenna:


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Thanks guys!

Polishing the manifold was a huge pita. I did the majority of the sanding of the rough cast with 40 grit on a DA sander, but had to do the tighter places by hand. After that is was a dozen different grits of sanding and a few stages of polishing with a cloth wheel on an angle grinder.

It took most of a weekend to do the cam cover and most of another weekend to do the manifold and fuel rail pieces. (Letting my fingers heal in the meantime).

Also the power antenna is installed.. Its one of the few things I could reach given where the car is parked lol.

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Got the car mostly ready for summer.

-IPD HD strut mounts

-Boge Strut bearings

-IPD HD end links

-Drilled/slotted rotors all around

-Power Stop ceramic pads

-Flush brake fluid with ATE Super Blue

-New steering reservoir cap

-Volvo OE plugs

-Bosch Cap/rotor

-IPD Blue Performance wires

-4 new Fuzion ZRI tires




Now to get Grom to take back this worthless USB adapter and install a real stereo.

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Just a quick update. I finally got the tow hook cover painted. It matches decent.


Everything else is working great. We've taken this car on several road trips already this summer and love driving it. The next round of stuff will include: Motor mounts, exhaust, pcv (again), and some interior stuff.

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