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This finally happened:


Finally got around to installing the Kenwood DDX-470 that I have had for several months. It was a chore figuring out how to make it work with the SC-901 wiring, but I (with some assistance) got it done over the weekend. Wow! Just Wow!! I love this thing! It is easy to use and sounds better than the stock SC-901 even using the same speakers and no amp. Ghost shadow was totally right, compared to this, the SC-901 sucks. I would never go back!

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Hi everyone. I have been posting over on volvoforums and am slowly discovering that the c70 section is about a ghost town, nobody replies to questions, nobody has an opinion, etc... I have been trolli

Rolled over 168k mi the other day. Did an oil change and ATF fluid change last night. While it was draining, I re-polished the shiny parts that has gotten a little dull over the winter.  

Got an alignment and installed the new wheels over the weekend! Bremmer Kraft BR11. 18x8+45. with some 225/40/18 Contisports. We really love this setup. Completely transformed the appearance and drive

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Haven't done much to this car since the last update. Just washing it and driving it. Maybe I'll do an exhaust next spring...

Anyways, I was following the wife the other day and was able to get a couple decent rollers..



That's all.

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The only gripe I have with the head unit is that I have too much music on my USB drive and it will only play up to a certain number of folders.. I think this cuts off my music somewhere in the "R"s. Not really an issue as I just divide the alphabet in half and put it on 2 sticks and rotate them occasionally. that and I have a "strictly best of everything" USB stick with only my absolute favorites on it.

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The only gripe I have with the head unit is that I have too much music on my USB drive and it will only play up to a certain number of folders.. I think this cuts off my music somewhere in the "R"s.

Just rename all the songs that start with R and beyond to begin with an A...problem solved. :ph34r:

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Car is now in storage for the winter.


There are a few things I will have to tinker with when it gets out in the spring, but shouldn't be too much.

-Taillights are still having issues. I suspect that the circuit boards are bad because fiddling with them fixed the problems for a short time before they come back. I'll try to track down new boards over the winter.

-Steering wheel is nasty, I'd like to track down a wheel with the wood inlay. the very dark walnut? I think? Idk.

-Need to hook up a sub/amp.

-Needs an exhaust soon.

-Other Misc piddly crap..

Either way, It's cozy now and out of the weather for the winter.

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Brought it home from storage (about 10 min drive). I miss driving this car!

Seeing it's first light since November...




And here it sits at home being prepped for summer:


Done so far:

-Plates/tags updated

-All fluids checked, topped off as needed

-Taillight circuit boards changed

Still to do before summer:

-Pull intake manifold and upgrade PCV hose per MVS

-Replace worn out steering wheel (have one coming)

-roll rear fenders slightly

-Maybe screw with trying to fix headlight wipers..

-Maybe add sub and amp I have in the basement... Maybe...

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Got the intake manifold off to upgrade the pcv line to 5/8 heater hose and found that any rubber in the system that was from URO was cracked and broken.. It was only 2 years old.. WTF!?!? It's ok, most of it is going in the trash.. Also found an injector o-ring that was leaking and the intake flex tube was cracked..

Lots to do...

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Don't have any pictures, but got the pcv hose upgraded to the 5/8 hose, but I am still having smoke from the dipstick after long trips.. Not very much, and there isn't much pressure, but I thought that the 5/8 hose would make it go away.. Any Ideas?

On a slightly different note, that intake looks great and it runs awesome now! I wonder how long my old intake hose had been split..

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