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Hi everyone. I have been posting over on volvoforums and am slowly discovering that the c70 section is about a ghost town, nobody replies to questions, nobody has an opinion, etc... I have been trolli

Rolled over 168k mi the other day. Did an oil change and ATF fluid change last night. While it was draining, I re-polished the shiny parts that has gotten a little dull over the winter.  

Got an alignment and installed the new wheels over the weekend! Bremmer Kraft BR11. 18x8+45. with some 225/40/18 Contisports. We really love this setup. Completely transformed the appearance and drive

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Sad news.. I was topping off the washer fluid last night and noticed that the coolant was a little low and looked like a milk shake. :(

I suspect that the head gasket is starting to go, but the oil still looks fine.. I'll drain it in the next few days and see what it looks like. Probably do a compression check also and see what I come up with. I'm thankful that I caught it before it got too bad.

The other thing that I am suspect of is that the car still has the original radiator at 160k mi... But the transmission fluid looks fine too.. Idk.

Either way, we are not driving it any more this year. Probably replace the head gasket, radiator, hoses, turbo, and exhaust next year.

Question, If the car has not overheated, is there still any need for the head to be decked? I would think that just cleaning the surfaces should be plenty. Thoughts?

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The other thing that I am suspect of is that the car still has the original radiator at 160k mi... But the transmission fluid looks fine too.. Idk.

How old is the radiator?

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Radiator is original. Was planning on replacing it this coming summer anyways... But if it went bad, wouldn't there be coolant in the transmission?

Not necessarily, the Oil cooler could have failed into the radiator, but the transmission cooler may be fine. I would certainly try replacing the radiator first before tearing it down and doing a head-gasket. Coincide the Radiator replacement with an oil change and coolant flush, then let us know what it looks like.

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So I'm a little excited.. I found a 1998 (build date 01/1997 though) V70 with a manual in the junk yard the other day.. I am waiting on them to call me back with a quote for all of the manual stuff.

I was reading through the manual swap thread, but I had a couple quick questions..

-Since the V70 at the junk yard is a 1998 and my C70HT is a 1998, everything should be perfectly compatible, right? (The junk car is turbo, guessing lpt?).

-Aside from the hydraulic stuff and clutch, I should be able to get everything I need from the car, right?

-Do I need the manual computer for a 1998 swap? What about the different throttle cable I saw mentioned, Necessary?

Thanks in advance for any info you can give. I am confident, but want to make sure I don't have any unexpected surprises.

I am planning on grabbing:



-Shifter box and cables to trans

-Brake/clutch pedal setup

-Manual ECU?

-Throttle cable?

-What else?

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You'll like the manual throttle cable much more, you'll have much better control over the throttle and your shifts will be smoother. Everything should swap right over, either computer will work but using the auto ecu the rpm's will drop quicker when shifting IIRC..some prefer it, some don't.

And of course your going to want to take the trans ecu out or you'll get a flashing arrow.

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