Tuner4Life's 1998 Saffron C70 Progress Thread


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Dug the old girl out of winter hibernation and started working on various things.





First, I messed with the window regulators.. The driver's side was getting jerky and jumpy while moving downward. Upon further investigation, one of the cable tubes was broken and not supporting the cable at all. Ended up replacing it with the spare regulator that I pulled from the parts car. After way more time than I care to admit, that one is adjusted correctly and seems to be working decently well.  

The passenger side worked fine, but has this annoying issue. When rolling up the window with the door closed, it doesn't seem to want to roll up all the way. Just a couple of mm short at the front edge, and it whistles at highway speeds. Opening the door will allow the window to pop up the remaining 2mm and it'll seal fine again when closing the door. This is obviously aggravating if you need to roll the window up while underway because you have to stop to open/close the door to make the whistle stop. I took it all apart and adjusted several things, relieved some of the stress between the window and the seal and rechecked the fitment which seemed to be good. even adjusted the tension/slack on the front lift cable and it seemed to be a little better, but during a road test. the results were the same.. Ugh.. I may just swap that regulator for a spare too. But not this week. Got too much else to do.

I have sourced a set of 18" wheels that I hope to pick-up this weekend. Tonight, I'm going to work on rolling the fenders to make some room for them. They are 18x8 + 45 so they should fit fine, even with the existing 10mm spacer already in the rear. I'm also going to tweak the front camber slightly as it is currently at -2 deg using camber bolts. Need to get it closer to -1 and hoping to have it aligned first thing on Saturday. These comets will then be transferred over to the V70R.

Friday evening, the project is going to be re-installing the factory 4x100 Amplifier in the trunk. When we installed the radio, we just bypassed the factory amp to simplify things. Everything seems to work fine, but the remainder of the SC-901 speaker system seems to lack the punch that I feel it should have. Going to see if we can't run it through that amp to boost things a bit.

The rest of the spring inspection went well. There is an oil leak at the front of the engine. Thinking either crankshaft seal, maybe oil pump o-ring.. Something in that area. The frame rail is wet, but it doesn't seem to be leaving any dribbles on the floor at this time. I'll keep an eye on it, but I don't plan on repairing it until the whole thing comes out for a refresh and manual swap a few years down the road. 

Should be ready to cruise by next week!




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Got all 4 fenders rolled last night. Went pretty smoothly overall, but definitely fought me more then the 240sx pop can that I did last. There is definitely some heavy metal here! I was careful and the paint remained undamaged on the front left and right rear, but since the right front fender and left rear quarter panel had both been repainted at some point in the car's life, the paint did crack a little bit on those arches. It's only at the bottom edge and not very visible, so I touched them up with a brush for now, but they will need to be repainted correctly in the near future.

The biggest headache was trimming the fender liners to make room for the fenders to roll.









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Got an alignment and installed the new wheels over the weekend! Bremmer Kraft BR11. 18x8+45. with some 225/40/18 Contisports. We really love this setup. Completely transformed the appearance and drives better then I expected being 18". It already has a 10mm spacer in the rear, but I'm thinking about adding another 5mm or so all the way around to push the wheels a little more flush. Either way, here's some picture whoring. It has B&G springs on it currently, Thinking about switching to IPDs. Are they still the lowest springs out there without going to a coilover?

The old Comets will be going on the V70R after getting new tires.







Also got parked right next to a V70R during the install. It was running with the One Lap Of America event that was also going on at Tire Rack when we were there Saturday. I never got to meet the owner, but he was in a wheelchair and the car has full hand controls for the throttle and brake. Looks pretty neat. 





I also managed to hook the factory SC901 4x100 amplifier back up so that it works with the aftermarket Kenwood head unit. It took some finagling, and a couple of trys, but we got it working. It's still not a mind blowing sound system, but it sounds much more powerful and full then it did just running the speakers off of the stereo itself. I may still add a sub. We'll see. I'll detail the amp install if I can find my notes and diagrams..

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New wheels look very good!

If I had to guess, the owner of that R at the shop is "ZekeUSMC" on Swedespeed.  He used to have a widebody S60R (with hand controls) that he sold to Randy Pobst.

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4 hours ago, JA VOLVO said:

Love the new wheels... Makes me want 18s

Thanks! It surprisingly rides very nicely. The 18"s with good tires ride nearly the same as the old 17"s with Chinese crap tires. Just need to be a little more pot-hole conscious. 

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When Indiana's "finest" can't even read the brand emblem on the back of your car it makes you question if they can read a radar gun correctly.. Looks like i'll be fighting this one.

For the record, I have never owned a VW in my life.






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Took the C70 to the Gridlife Festival at Gingerman raceway in South Haven MI. I didn't get signed up in time to drive and my drift car isn't ready anyways, so I just cruised up in the C70 and camped and partied all weekend. Had a great time. Also happened to be camped next to a Volvo group from the Midwest that I had no clue even existed so that was cool too.








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