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    • By Pops Racer
      I took the plunge on one of these. It is the latest and greatest revision, ARM 16 with the integral CANBUS.
      On the CANBUS harness, there are 2 identical black connectors that plug in to the HU  sockets. 
      upon further investigation this dope discovered these connectors are keyed differently. Installation is obvious...for some people
    • By Caffiend
      I need to get a code reader to help me track down various issues, the most vexing of which is my ABS and TRACS shutting off every so often after I feel the system test itself brief vibration on brake pedal). I know that the ABS module tends to fail on these cars but the fact that it happens inconsistently and always after a test cycle seems to say that it's a problem with one of the wheel sensors and I'd like to figure out which.

      I've done a bunch of searches and have basically come up with an overwhelmingly confusing amount of information and alphabet soup on DiCE, VIDA, VADIS and whatever else. I'm not sure what would even work with my car. AFAIK most generic OBDII readers won't handle Volvo ABS codes, which leaves me looking for something Volvo specific hopefully without spending much more than $200. I really like the idea of VIDA, but would it even work with a car as old as mine?

      If it helps, I have a Macbook running OSX 10.9.4 and a 6 year old HP with Windows 7 Home Premium.

      Thanks for the help, it's been really confusing trying to sort through all this!
    • By Max Meade
      Quick question for you guys!

      So I just ordered some gauges and one of them is a voltage gauge. When I was going through and setting up some of the wiring tonight, I came across a problem that might persist, one that I am not quite sure how to fix. So basically, I want to hook up the two gauges so that when the interior lights are dimmed using the dimmer, the backlights will dim as well. I have seen this before and it seems relatively easy. I have the boost gauge install all figured out but the volt gauge I am not quite sure on for one reason. That is, how is the volt gauge supposed to read accurately if the positive is connected to the positive feed in the dimmer switch and the negative to ground? Won't the positive feed change depending on the dimness that the switch is set to? If so, is there any way I can go about fixing this? I know the gauge I ordered has a black and a red wire coming out the back.


    • By Max Meade
      Hey guys!

      So I am interested in installing a boost gauge on my car and in the process of planning how to do it, there has been one thing that I want to make extra sure I do right, because I don't want to screw it up! I am pretty new at this sort of thing so I'm sure you can understand... Haha!

      My question is, where in the engine bay is the vacuum line that I connect the boost gauge piping to? If you can post a picture of the vacuum line that I will snip and connect the fitting? It would be helpful if you could post a picture of the installed fitting. My car is 1998 Volvo S70 GLT SE, if you didn't see that in my signature.

      Thanks so much!!