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Rear Armrest Cup Holder - Charcoal, fits 850/S70/V70 1994-2000 $35

Poly Top Engine mounts $10

Sidemarkers with Wiring $25

Front Armrest cupholder $20

Set of 4 Tan Carpet Floor mats with C70 Logo will fit S70 V70 & 850 $30

Bilstein TC Front Struts and rear shocks complete with stock front springs & mounts, rears come with mounts $150

1998 S70 V70 Instrument Clusters $30 will fit 1996-1997 850 166,000 178,000 246,000 miles

850R Front Fog light kit $65

16 inch S70 Perfo Wheel $30 SOLD

Eurosport Tuning Intake Kit 1998 S70 V70 SOLD

XC70 Eggcrate Grille $65 SOLD

Misc LPT& HPT Ecu's $37SOLD

All prices plus shipping, I will update once items have been sold

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Eurosport intake is just filter and shield right? There is no pipe? What color poly engine mount :ph34r:

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what kind of springs are those? will they lower? also what condition are the side marker lights in? and where are you located? sorry if my questions are dumb i'm somewhat new here/to modding.

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Springs are stock, sidemarkers are in good condition. Items located in Atlanta GA

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    • By Andzey
      Dear lads - I hope its just normal behavior but still - I would appreciate your thoughts on this one...
      So, I am in the middle of replacing soaked front under-carped upholstery footwell. You know - that foam on the floor with dark grey rubber type plastic. To do this I removed:
      Steering wheel airbag, steering wheel. Turn signal and windscreen levers;
      Immobilizer coil around the steering wheel lock, lock switch on the opposite side of the key
      Front upper dash;
      Radio, Climate module
      Instrument cluster, central locking receiver on top of it;
      Disconnected that big yellow connector near the hood release lever
      Today I needed to move the car, so I just put back the Immo module, lock switch, battery
      On Ignition key position the fuel pump woke up as usual, then I cranked the engine and it started up normally. However, the idle rpm was unstable and while maneuvering around the yard, the engine choked and it was hard to control both the rpms and the torq.
      Is this a normal state of things, or the engine running has nothing to do to the aforementioned components ?
      EDIT: It is a 1999 2.5T LPT ME7 M58 AWD
      Appreciate your ideas! Thanks! 
    • By Gametheory
      How common are cluster failures on 850's?
      Not too long ago the main three dials lost the backlights. Now the tacho and speedometer needles intermittenly work.
      Fuel gauge and temp dial has no needle issues yet.
      Going to pull the cluster when it gets warmer.
    • By Chrisonfire
      For sale is a brand new, never installed ipd polyurethane engine stabilizer mount. ipd Part #2B1850 for 850 and some x70 engines.

      Bought the wrong one for my engine and must have forgot to return it, bummer. Anyways....

      Asking $20 + $3 shipping (USPS Priority).
      I'll eat the paypal fees.

      Let me know if you have any questions or need any more pictures.

    • By r850glt
      IPD TME 850 S70 V70 Catback Exhaust $400
      Eurosport Intake kit $125 SOLD
      850 R Door sill plates $55
      850 R foglight kit $60
      850 Lighted Rear window switches $10
      Sidemarker kit $30
      Polished oval Exhaust tips from S70 & V70 fits 850 also $15 each - I have for Turbo/non turbo/wagon/sedan versions
      Tan carpet mats with C70 logo on fronts $20 SOLD
      XC70 Eggcrate Grill $60 SOLD
      850 Front turn signals $15 each left & right available SOLD
      S70 V70 Front turn signals with good tabs $15 each left & right available SOLD

      ALL prices obo plus shipping